5 Best Night Vision Security Cameras

Night vision in security camera is equally important as daylight. It is a feature that needs to be critically evaluated when buying a security camera. Often times, CCTV camera users run into problem of not being able to capture a good night vision video footage, due to the poor night vision lighting on the security camera. Eventually, this video footage practically becomes useless.

This reminds me of a user who once reported four of his indoor cameras to me, the dome cameras would not capture any image under zero light condition, despite they were all provisioned with built-in infrared LEDs. I guess the user did not take cognizant of the importance of night vision at the initial stage.

Top 5 Best Night Vision Security Cameras

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How does a night vision technology works?

There are several types of night vision technology used in security cameras, but infrared night vision is the most common and affordable type of technology used on security cameras lately.

Infrared night vision can lit up in a low ambient lighting, or even in a complete darkness. While the infrared is lit up, the camera image sensor produces black and white image, as a result of the infrared cut filter being active.

In this article, we will analyze and review the best night vision cameras that can capture a superior and identifiable image at night.

Top 1 – Lorex 8MP 4K IP PoE Dome Camera

Lorex 8MP 4K IP PoE Turret Dome Security Camera

Lorex Technology is a tech giant in video monitoring and surveillance solution for home and business, giving you that peace of mind you’ve always longed for.

Lorex Technology was founded by Bernard Klein in 1991 and purchased by Strategic Vista International in 1996. On December 20, 2012, FLIR Systems Inc., an American provider of thermal imaging cameras and systems, successfully completed the acquisition of Lorex Technology Inc., which was rebranded as “Lorex” by FLIR.

In February 2018, Lorex Technology announced the new acquisition of the company by China-based video surveillance giant Dahua. This new acquisition brings to Dahua strong relationships with leading North American retailers.

Main Features of Lorex Dome Security Camera

Main Features of Lorex 8MP 4K 200 ft night vision
  • 4k Ultra HD Resolution
  • 200ft Night Vision Range
  • 113° Field of View
  • Audio Mic Support
  • Color Night Vision
  • Efficient Compression Technology
  • Electronic Shutter (e-Shutter)
  • IP67 Weatherproof Rating
  • ONVIF Support
  • Built-in Storage Support

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

The 4k ultra HD resolution on Lorex turret camera makes it more appealing to use for home or business. This resolution is 4 times of the standard 1080p HD resolution, which means the camera is capable of recording crystal clear and incredibly detailed 4K video.

Lorex turret camera has a long range of 200 feet to capture a decent black and white image in complete darkness. The color night vision works “only” within the range of 150 feet. Color night vision requires a little amount of lighting in order to produce color image. You don’t have to fear the dark anymore.

The built-in fixed lens of 113° on Lorex turret camera (LNE8950ABW) is ideal for monitoring wide or open areas. This will enable user of the camera to cover a wider field of view. Nothing can go unnoticed with this camera.

Lorex 4k dome camera uses a newly improved H.265 video compression technology, which has 40% efficient rate over the standard H.264 codec.

The inclusion of audio microphone on CCTV camera sometimes strengthen security. This will allow more evidence to be provided, by matching the sound of the environment to the video footage.

A higher shutter speed provides the least amount of motion blur. But however, a high shutter speed requires a lot of light, finding the right balance between these two settings can be difficult. The electronic shutter on Lorex turret camera will automatically fix that.

The Lorex dome security camera is tightly packed to prevent dust or water from inward penetration. The turret dome is therefore rated ingress protection 67, which properly fits the enclosure.

ONVIF technology lets Lorex dome camera communicate with any other ONVIF compatible device such as 4k NVR.

The built-in microSD storage option on this dome camera is a great feature a security camera could have. With microSD storage, Lorex camera can operate as a standalone while saving its video footage on the microSD card.

Lorex camera also supports cloud storage, this mean your security camera can be configured to record directly to the Lorex cloud with a paid subscription plan.

Lorex turret dome camera comes with a return policy of 60 days. If you are completely not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a refund within 60 days of the purchase. On the other hand, it comes with a 2 year warranty policy.


  • Lorex PoE dome camera delivers a stunning image during the day and night.
  • It has amazing color night vision up to 150 feet.
  • Has audio microphone for additional security.
  • The audio also streams to the remote app installed on a smartphone.
  • The ONVIF technology allows the camera to work with any ONVIF conformant 4k NVR.
  • Lorex turret camera can be used as a standalone device with the built-in microSD card.
  • Lorex technical support is proactive to help the user configure the camera.
  • Lorex dome camera can be configured using Lorex Cloud app, which is readily available on all mobile platforms.
  • There is an option to upgrade the warranty policy to 3 or 5 year term with extra dollars.


  • Lorex turret dome camera is a bit pricy.
  • It is very annoying to see that Lorex does not come with mounting bracket, despite the high cost of the camera.
  • The camera is not available in white color, this makes it noticeable on a white ceiling.
  • There is no practical way to adjust the brightness of the infrared light.
  • Unfortunate, this security camera would only work with 4k NVR.
  • The camera does not come with a standard 12 volt adapter or PoE injector.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of Lorex Turret Dome IP PoE Camera (LNE8950ABW)
  • 1 unit of 100ft Ethernet Cable
  • 1 unit of Mounting Kit
  • 1 unit of Mounting Template
  • 1 unit of Allen Key
  • 1 unit of Window Security Decal
  • A Quick Start Guide

Top 2 – Lorex 8MP 4K IP PoE Bullet Security Camera

Lorex 8MP 4K IP PoE Bullet Security Camera Black

The Lorex LNB8921BW is an all-metal matte black bullet professional grade camera with many unique features. It is made of solid aerospace grade aluminum, which makes the camera a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor application. It is suitable for home or business security.

Lorex bullet camera can work with a lower temperature of – 30°C to as high as 60°C. This is while the camera can adapt with any weather type without hindrance to the working operation.

Lorex bullet camera uses an adjustable Sun Visor to keep flaring off the lens to a minimum.

The camera uses PoE, where only one Ethernet cable provides power, video, and audio if available. Additionally, PoE also gives room for a clean installation.

Main Features of Lorex Bullet Security Camera

Lorex 8MP 4K IP PoE Bullet Security Camera night vision
  • IP67 Weatherproof Rated
  • HEVC/H.265 Video Compression
  • 2160p Ultra HD resolution
  • Auto White Balance
  • HDR
  • Electronic Shutter
  • Sony Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 112° Field of View
  • Color Night Vision
  • Custom Video Orientation

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Lorex 8MP 4K IP PoE Bullet Security Camera aluminium body

Lorex bullet camera features a sturdy housing. The camera is sealed in order to prevent foreign object like dust or liquid from getting into the camera. Lorex LNB8921BW bullet camera is therefore rated IP67. No matter how tough the weather condition is, Lorex bullet camera will never be affected.

Lorex bullet camera is a 4k camera that requires a very efficient video encoding to handle the large video resolution. The HEVC/H.265 helps keep the video sizes small, yet maintains high video quality. H.265 helps to extend the amount of video stored on the hard drive.

Image resolution distinguishes a security camera over another. Lorex outdoor camera has a 2160p ultra HD resolution, which is able to capture more brilliant detailed images than that of 1080p.

What auto white balance does is to ensure that all colors in the video frame are accurate, by automatically adjusting the color settings so that the white areas in real life will be reproduced as white.

High dynamic range (HDR) ensures Lorex bullet camera captures the broadest range of visual details from dark to light.

Lorex 8MP 4K IP PoE Bullet Security Camera aluminium body

Dynamic range is measured as the difference between the darkest point and brightest point of a video. HDR technology then uses this difference to automatically adjust the picture’s brightness, and compensate the darkest point resulting in an optimized, highly-detailed video.

As previously said in the turret dome version, Lorex bullet camera also offers e-Shutter which optimizes the amount of light let into the camera sensor.

Lorex bullet camera uses Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, which is considered one of the best image sensors available on the market today. Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor is a greatly improved imaging performance over conventional CMOS sensors. It offers high sensitivity, lower noise and ultra-high resolution. Sony Exmor R is a greatly increased CMOS imaging performance, making it excellent, and cost-effective choice for security cameras.

Lorex PoE bullet is provisioned with a short focal length of 2.8mm which is capable of rendering a wide viewing angle. Asides from the short focal length, the 112° field of view also adds to the great performance of the camera.

Even though Lorex bullet camera does not support audio, while the Lorex dome camera did, this should not be a deal breaker. Most outdoor cameras on the market do not come with audio microphone.

Lorex Technology came out with incredible innovation particularly on their 4k Ultra HD camera series.

Color night vision is not a common feature on security cameras. It is a new technology that is used on advanced security cameras. Lorex 4k ultra HD cameras are not left out.

Lorex bullet camera can render color image in ambient lighting, but will not go beyond 150 feet. This means that Lorex bullet can be referred to as a low light and no light camera. A camera which is capable to deliver two types of night vision based on the amount of the available light.

No matter how Lorex bullet is installed, there is a custom video orientation that allows user to flip the visual orientation. User can choose to flip the visual orientation to 90°, 180°, 270°, or mirrored.

Lorex bullet camera also comes with the same return and warranty policies applicable to the Lorex turret dome security camera.


  • Lorex bullet provides outstanding image quality when tested in various light situations.
  • The digital zoom is very impressive, which makes the camera ideal for perimeter security and parking lot.
  • It uses plug and play to install itself when plugged into Lorex 4k NVR.
  • It comes with basic accessories required to install the camera.
  • Lorex bullet camera has a reset button to perform a factory reset, if in any way the configuration is messed up or password is forgotten.
  • The tech support is reachable via the live chat.
  • The mobile app is intuitive and it is available in iOS and Android platforms.


  • Lorex bullet camera requires 1 Lux lighting, in order to render color night vision at low light condition.
  • The bullet camera is part of the Lorex nocturnal line, it is only available in black color.
  • The camera does not come with either PoE injector, or the 12V power adapter needed to connect the camera. You need to buy the power adapter separately.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of Lorex IP PoE Bullet Camera (LNB8921BW)
  • 1 unit of 100ft Ethernet Cable
  • 1 unit of Mounting Kit
  • 1 unit of Window Security Decal
  • A Quick Start Guide

Top 3 – Amcrest Ultra-HD 8MP 4K IP PoE B Bullet Security Camera

Amcrest Ultra-HD 8MP 4K IP PoE B Bullet Security Camera Black

Amcrest claims the third spot on the best night vision security cameras category. Amcrest IP8M-2496EB is indeed another good product, this camera has also been featured in our top 5 best bullet IP cameras.

IP8M-2496EB can work in an extremely low temperature of -30°C to as high as 60°C. Amcrest can work in all weather conditions; there is no reason to panic for camera malfunction.

Amcrest bullet camera can be used for indoor or outdoor application. User only needs to make sure that the right 4k ONVIF NVR is selected.

The superior HD 4K on Amcrest IP8M-2496EB employs the latest Sony IMX274 Starvis progressive scanning image sensor and the Ambarella S3L33M chipset to deliver high resolution image.

Main Features of Amcrest Security Camera

Main Features of Amcrest Ultra-HD 8MP 4K IP PoE B Bullet Security Camera
  • 2160p Ultra HD Resolution
  • IP PoE
  • Local and Cloud Video Storage
  • Smart Motion Alerts
  • Advanced Zone Detection
  • 112° Viewing Angle
  • IP67 Weatherproof
  • Infrared Night Vision

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

2160p ultra HD resolution surpasses the regular 1080p resolution by 4 times. So therefore, you don’t need to strain your eyes on the display monitor over a picture. This massive 4k resolution let you have the full level of detail you ever need.

You don’t need to bother over grainy picture as a result of zooming, the Amcrest 8MP CMOS sensor will take care of that.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that reduces stress in the IP camera installation. PoE utilizes only one Ethernet cable to provide video, power, and audio if available. This eliminates running of multiple cables if using the conventional 12V power adapter.

Everyone is curious to watch the playback whenever something goes wrong in a home or business. Amcrest bullet camera support a local video storage such as recording via a compatible 4k NVR, Synology NAS, or FTP for large video storage.

Furthermore, the built-in microSD which supports up to 128GB can also be configured to host recorded video files.

Additionally, Amcrest cloud storage can serve as eyes in the cloud for users, as it allows them to watch the livestream, or playback and download the video files concurrently to their mobile device.

Smart motion alerts lets you receive notification push right on your smartphone, whenever motion is detected. This will give you the opportunity to check-in to your home or business, and watch the clip.

With advanced motion detection, you can create your own discrete motion detection zones, to totally customize control over what you are monitoring. This feature helps to eliminate Amcrest bullet camera from sending random push notifications, every time motion is detected.

Amcrest IP PoE also has a built-in 2.8mm focal length, and 112° field of view lens that allow the camera to capture striking wide angle visual. This type of camera is suitable for parking lot, classroom, conference hall, home garden, or any wide open space. It will let you keep watching subject of interest in your sight.

The camera enclosure is tightly sealed against any form of liquid and dust from entering the camera. Whether there is continuous rain or weird wind, Ingress Protection 67 got Amcrest camera covered.

Amcrest IP PoE camera’s infrared night vision only uses 2 infrared LEDs to cast in infrared rays. The infrared rays is undetected by human eyes to the distance of 131 feet. The black and white image is never overblown by the infrared light.

Amcrest bullet IP PoE camera comes with product warranty of 1 year starting from the original purchase date. There is also a 1 year parts replacement for users who bought directly from Amcrest website, or from Amcrest accredited vendors. Lifetime technical support is also available to all Amcrest customers.


  • The result of the night vision test on Amcrest bullet camera is impressive.
  • User gets to enjoy 4 hours of video on cloud storage without extra buck.
  • Amcrest tech support is always ready to help troubled user get pass their problem via live chat.
  • Amcrest has multiple video storage options.
  • The 16x digital zoom allows user to follow subject of interest.
  • Amcrest is an ONVIF conformant camera, and it’s ready to communicate with other ONVIF compliant devices.


  • Amcrest lacks audio microphone support.
  • Amcrest does not have color night vision.
  • The camera only comes in black.
  • There is no included PoE injector or 12V power adapter.
  • It does not come with installation kits.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of Amcrest Ultra-HD 4K (IP8M-2496EB)
  • 1 unit of Manual CD
  • A Quick Start Guide

Top 4 – Dahua OEM 6MP IP PoE Bullet Security Camera

Dahua OEM 6MP IP PoE Bullet Security Camera White

Dahua IP bullet camera operates from as low as -30°C to as high as 60°C. This is a clear indication that Dahua can stand against any type of violent weather, and won’t have negative impact on the operation of the camera.

This camera also fits any indoor or outdoor application. It can be used as a standalone device, and can work with any ONVIF compatible network video recorder.

With the varifocal lens ranging from its 2.7mm focal length to 13.5mm, Dahua is able to work as a wide angle to a narrow view security camera.

The built-in audio microphone allows Dahua IP camera to capture useful video evidence that is embedded with audio.

Main Features of Dahua Security Camera

Main Features of Dahua OEM 6MP IP PoE Bullet Security Camera package
  • 2048p HD Resolution
  • Varifocal Length of 2.7mm – 13.5mm
  • 2° ~ 27° Viewing Angle
  • 265 Video Compression Technology
  • Built-in Audio Microphone
  • Multiple Video Storage Option
  • Ingress Protection of IP67 and IK10
  • Infrared Night Vision

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Dahua motorized IP PoE camera has a variable focal length of 2.7mm to maximum of 13.5mm. Dahua can operate from wide angle to a narrow view security camera.

The camera has a powerful image sensor that captures a clean resolution that is more than that of 1080p. User will be able to close-in on a subject or region of interest.

As Dahua motorized camera is being zoomed and closing-in on object, the focal length keeps decreasing from 104.2° to 27°.

When planning to buy a higher resolution security camera, it is important to consider the video compression technology. As a rule of thumb, the higher the resolution, the higher the bandwidth required for the video recording.

H.265 is an effective video compression technology that is suitable for Dahua 6MP IP camera. H.265 otherwise known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) uses only half the bit rate of H.264.

H.265 codec reduces bandwidth and storage requirements, and it effectively lowers infrastructure costs and ultimately makes high-resolution surveillance systems more affordable.

With built-in audio microphone on Dahua motorized IP camera, you can take security to the next level. This will help to have an embedded audio in a video footage which can be used as a vital evidence.

Dahua IP camera has many video storage option which includes but not limited to network attached storage (NAS), file transfer protocol (FTP), Local PC, MicroSD and more importantly Dahua Easy4IP Cloud. User has the flexibility to choose any preferable means of storage.

Ingress Protection 67 protects Dahua motorized camera from getting damaged from dust and liquid that can penetrate the camera. Dahua is also protected against Impact which is why it is rated IK10. There is no worries about impact of 5 kg mass dropping on the Dahua IP camera from 400 mm height, it is protected against 20 joules impact.

The infrared night vision features 4 numbers of SMD infrared LEDs, which is able to capture black and white image to the total distance of 263 feet.

Dahua IP PoE comes with a 90 day return policy starting from the first day of purchase. The warranty policy is also 3 years from the first day of purchase.


  • The 5x optical zoom is a deal maker.
  • Dahua has a good quality audio.
  • It delivers a crisp image during the day, and brighter black/white image in the night.
  • The camera feels sturdy and it is built with quality.
  • The tech support were responsive via email.
  • The camera remote view app is intuitive.
  • It is an affordable cameras with many advanced features.
  • It is ONVIF conformant.
  • It has 16x digital zoom.


  • The camera does not come with 12V power adapter or PoE injector.
  • The camera comes with a vague user guide.
  • Does not come with installation kits.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of Dahua OEM 6MP IP PoE Bullet Security Camera (IPC-HFW4631H-ZSA)
  • 1 unit of Manual CD
  • A Quick Start Guide

Top 5 – Hikvision 4MP IP PoE Dome Security Camera

Hikvision 4MP IP PoE Vandal Proof Dome Security Camera White

Hikvision IP PoE dome camera operates from an extremely low temperature of -30°C to as high as 60°C. Even though this is a dome camera, it can still be used in outdoor applications without getting damaged.

Hikvision dome camera is suitable for home or business security. Hikvision dome camera adds to the peace of mind you deserve via the advance features.

Hikvision uses EXIR night vision technology to capture its night footage, and delivers ultimate performance.

Main Features of Hikvision Security Camera

  • ONVIF Compliant
  • Viewing Angle of 103°
  • Up 100ft Night Vision
  • Focal Length of 2.8mm
  • MicroSD Storage
  • 1440p UHD Resolution
  • IP67 and IK10
  • 256+ Video Compression Codec

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Hikvision IP dome can work as a standalone IP camera, and can also be networked to a LAN network. Hikvision IP camera is a versatile camera that is readily used for any kind of application. The built-in microSD storage can host a video file up to 128GB. This means even without NVR or other video storage support, Hikvision camera can successfully records video.

The ONVIF standard enables the Hikvision camera to interoperate with any ONVIF compliance device. It is no longer a must to find Hikvision NVR to use this IP PoE camera.

The viewing angle of 103° is more than enough for monitoring a large area, without buying any additional camera for support.

Hikvision IP camera is able to capture a bright black and white image in the night up to 100 feet infrared distance. The picture was not washed by the infrared LEDs when checked.

The focal length of 2.8mm together with a sharp 4MP ultra HD CMOS sensor shoots a high resolution and crisp video during daylight, with amazing colors.

Hikvision comes with ingress protection 67, which is the protection against water and dust. It is also protected with impact protection (IK) 10 i.e., protection against falling object of 5kg from 400mm height.

Hikvision uses efficient bandwidth video codec, which is H.265+ to record video footage at nearly more than half rate of H.264. This will allow Hikvision camera to record more video using a reduced bandwidth, and yet retain the video quality.

Hikvision comes with a warranty policy of 3 years starting from the first day of purchase. Also, there is 90 day return policy.


  • The dome camera is affordable.
  • The image resolution is great.
  • 10x digital zoom is very helpful.
  • This camera works really well with Synology NAS.
  • The new EXIR night vision technology is impressive.
  • The mobile app is very easy to work with.
  • It is a vandal proof camera which makes it suitable even in a public zone.


  • The dome camera does not come with PoE adapter and 12V adapter.
  • Hikvision tech support could be better.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of Hikvision 4MP IP PoE Vandal Proof Dome Security Camera (DS-2CD2142FWD-I)
  • 1 unit of Manual CD
  • A Quick Start Guide

Final Advice

When planning to buy a security camera, it is very important to consider the night vision as well. You might even do some assignment online. Try searching for the exact model of your preferred security camera. Then read some reviews left by verified users. This way, you will be able to understand the features of the camera you are buying.

Installing a security camera with a poor or no night vision will do you no good. It is just a waste of time and effort.