Getting Started

How to use GoPro as a security camera

Using a GoPro as a security camera is a simple and cost-effective solution to securing your home.   All you need is: A GoProA smart phone or tablet to use the GoPro app.A USB cable to keep the device charged.A tripod to keep the GoPro stable. Step 1: Mount your Go Pro...

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What happens if you unplug a security camera?

What will happen if someone unplugs your security camera depends on your security system. Standard CCTV: Your everyday traditional CCTV camera, if you are unplugged, will no longer have footage. Meaning no more security footage!Battery Powered: Some more modern CCTV...

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What is anti-dither?

Anti-dither is a setting commonly found on DVRs. Anti-dither is the amount of time your security system records having detected motion. For example, if you have set the Anti-Dither setting to ten seconds when your security system detects motion, it will record for ten...

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7 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System

Home security is essential. Here are seven reasons why.1. Deter CrimeSecurity systems scare off burglars.2. Protect ValuablesKeep your belongings safe.3. Remote AccessMonitor your home from anywhere.4. Lower InsuranceSecurity systems can reduce home insurance costs.5....

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Comprehensive Guide to Explosion Proof Security Cameras

Explosion proof cameras are tough. They withstand harsh environments. Let's understand them better.Why Choose Explosion Proof Cameras?They offer high security. They resist extreme conditions. Perfect for risky areas.Introduction to Explosion Proof CamerasWhat are...

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Comprehensive Guide to Security Camera Boxes and Covers

Protect your security cameras. Use boxes and covers. They shield against weather and tampering. Why Use Camera Boxes?They offer extra protection. They keep cameras safe from damage. Choosing the Right CoverPick covers that fit your camera. Consider the material and...

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