5 Best Budget Wireless Security Camera Systems

Every household or business needs a security system of some sort, this will serve as an extra layer of protection. Wireless security camera system eliminates the hassle of dealing with messy wires in the attic or through the walls. In this article we listed the 5 best budget wireless security camera system the market has currently to offer and we completely reviewed them.

5 Best Budget Wireless Security Camera System
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Almost every major CCTV brand in the industry has rolled out their own version of wireless camera system, which has now made the market so competitive. There are tons of wireless security systems available today, but it takes someone who is very familiar with video surveillance products to differentiate the good from the bad.

Today, we have been able to choose the best budget wireless security camera systems that are suitable for prospective users, who are willing to install their first security camera system, or users who are set to expand their current security system wirelessly.

Our team of experts conducted series of evaluations on the type of technology used on each brand, and also performed further test on the image resolution, lens size, night vision image clarity, maximum storage size, motion detection sensitivity, and remote or local playback efficiency before they arrived at conclusion.

Top 1 – Yeskamo

Yeskamo 1080p wireless security cameras

Yeskamo wireless home security camera system made it to the spotlight. This system is definitely worth reviewing due to the features it brings, despite it is a low budget security system. User gets to enjoy the amazing features but more importantly the preloaded 2 terabytes of storage drive, which is able to host lots of important actions within the period of 30 days.

Yeskamo Technology Co. Limited, is a fast growing CCTV manufacturer who uses advanced chipset solution available in the surveillance industry to produce Yeskamo wireless security camera system. This system is highly suitable for potential users who want to buy and install their first security system.

Unlike wired security system, Yeskamo completely eliminates messy wires The only wires that are required to be plugged in are the power adapters for cameras, NVR, and display monitor.

You do not need a professional installer to setup the system for you, the plug and play technology embedded in the NVR will take care of the setup, just sit back and allow the NVR to automatically install the cameras.

Yeskamo does not need internet connection to initiate or complete setup, it is only necessary when the users decided to have a remote access to the system via mobile devices, whenever they are far away from their home or business.

Main Features of Yeskamo Wireless Security Camera System

  • 1080p Full HD
  • IP 66 Weatherproof
  • Wi-Fi Repeater Function
  • Email Alert
  • Remote Access
  • Preloaded 2 Terabytes Hard Drive
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Yeskamo 1080p wireless security camera features

Yeskamo delivers an amazing 1080p high definition image that is crisp enough to be recognized during the day or night. Also, the focal length of 3.6mm alongside the 90° lens, allows the camera to capture good frames in wide angle with ability to read every details.

Enclosure matters a lot in outdoor cameras, this is what protects the internal circuitry from getting damaged as a result of external object penetration such as humidity. Yeskamo cameras are well built with solid metallic enclosure which is why it is IP66 compliant, Yeskamo camera is designed to operate under any tough weather.

Yeskamo operates on 2.4 GHz wireless band to keep constant sync between the cameras and the NVR. The built in Wi-Fi on the NVR eliminates the use of Wi-FI router as a bridge between the NVR and the cameras.

Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi repeater function on Yeskamo allows users to extend good Wi-Fi signal to cameras receiving weak signals, due to the far distance covered. Users only need to select the nearest camera to the NVR that has a strong signal, to act as Access Point to the camera which has a weak signal.

Email alert will let you know when something is wrong with your security system. You also get to receive alert when motion is detected or there is a triggered notification.

Remote access allows user to carry their home or business on their palm with a smartphone or any internet device. You get to watch the live stream or local playback of the recorded events, whilst you are not physically in front of your security system.

What is more fascinating about the Yeskamo wireless security camera system is the preloaded 2 terabytes hard drive, which can store continuous full-time recorded video footage for up to 30 days. All your important videos are kept during this period before the drive overwrites the oldest videos and starts new loop.

The night vision on Yeskamo is incredible and it is worth mentioning. The 100 feet night vision distance is very clear, all the images appeared brighter. The 6 infrared LEDs did a fantastic job at producing good black and white image during the pitch black condition, without washing off the image.

You can set motion detection to be triggered using many factors such as when movement is detected, or changes of lighting occurs. For example, you can set a motion detection alerts to be delivered to your smartphone or by email, when someone approaches your front porch or when your kids arrive from school.

Yeskamo wireless CCTV camera kit comes with 3 year quality warranty, and 1 year parts replacement.


  • It is an affordable wireless kit with great features.
  • Resolution is perfect when the NVR is connected to the right HD display monitor.
  • 2 USB ports
  • Yeskamo tech support is very responsive via email.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi router helps the NVR to boost camera weak wireless signal.
  • The cameras do not wiggle during wind.
  • Yeskamo supports Android and iOS platforms.
  • Also support CMS for Windows and MAC.
  • Yeskamo mobile app is very easy to setup.


  •  The USB mouse is a low quality.
  • The Ethernet cable is too short.
  • It does not support 5 GHz wireless band.
  • Camera does not have optical zoom.
  • It does not support cloud storage.
  • NVR does not support wireless connection to the home router for internet access configuration.


What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of 4CH 1080P WIFI NVR Recorder preloaded with 2TB HDD
  • 4 units of 1080P IP camera with 4 units of 3dBi antenna
  • 1 unit of 12V 2A 10ft Power Supply for NVR
  • 4 units of 12V 1A 10ft Power Supply for cameras
  • 1 unit of Wired USB Mouse
  • 1 unit of 7dBi 10ft Wi-Fi Extension Antenna
  • 1 unit of 3ft Ethernet Cable
  • 1 unit of 10ft Power Extension Cable
  • 1 unit of User Manual Instruction

Top 2 – Zosi

Zosi Budget Black Wireless Security Camera System

Zosi took the second spot on our list. Zosi who remains one of the leading manufacturers in surveillance equipment, was several times rated best seller on Amazon over their video surveillance products.

The twenty years’ experience acquired by Zosi, definitely made them to fully understand the type of technology to add to their products to make them unbeatable on the market.

Zosi wireless security camera system is thoughtfully designed to suite every users’ need, in order to help them keep an eye on what they love. Zosi operates from -10° to 55°C temperature which makes it a perfect match for any weather condition.

Zosi offers the best user experience on their 4 channel wireless NVR Kit. The kit uses plug and play technology which makes the whole installation a breeze, user does not need to do much other than connecting the cameras to the NVR, and to the wall outlet.

Main Features of Zosi Wireless Security Camera System

  • 1080p Full HD
  • IP 66 Weatherproof
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Remote Access
  • Plug and Play
  • Motion Detection

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Zosi Budget Black Wireless Security Camera System main features

1080p full HD renders clear and stunning images and videos. The 4mm wide angle lens which is equivalent to 72° will cover a large field of view.

Zosi wireless camera is ingress protection 66 compliant. The outdoor camera enclosures are made with heavy-duty aluminium material, and are tightly sealed to be water and dust resistant. What this implies is whether there is heavy rain fall or abnormal storm, no inward penetration can occur.

There is 24/7 continuous and cycle recording with 1 terabyte preloaded hard drive, which can hold up to 30 days events with the help of H.264 video compression technology. No more missing of important actions, as every occurrence is being recorded.

Another important feature to consider when buying your first security system, is the ability to watch your home or business from a remote location. Zosi wireless security camera system supports remote access. Whilst you are away from home or business, you can watch the live stream or playback the recorded videos.

Zosi comes with plug and play technology that makes it easier for user to setup the entire system, without reading complicated manual or hiring a technician. All that is needed is connect the antenna to the cameras and power them, the NVR will finish the process by automatically installing the cameras.

Zosi wireless NVR comes with motion detection algorithm, this feature is used to extend the storage capacity. The NVR only records when it detects movement from the camera other than recording clueless footage all day. The advance motion detection also allows you to customise your own motion area.

Zosi wireless security camera system comes with 2 year warranty and 1 year parts replacement.


  • Easy installation with plug and play.
  • Very affordable.
  • 2 USB ports
  • App is very intuitive.
  • NVR supports storage drive up to 4TB.
  • Tech support is available via email.
  • Day and night mode auto switchover.
  • The overall picture quality is great.
  • You do not need to configure camera IP address.


  • The NVR is not compatible with many hard drives except surveillance hard drives.
  • The NVR system does not support Wi-Fi connection with the normal router.
  • It does not support cloud storage.
  • USB mouse looks cheap.
  • The system is limited to 2 GHz wireless band.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of 4 channel NVR system
  • 1 unit of 1TB hard drive was pre-installed inside the NVR
  • 4 units of 1080p wireless outdoor cameras
  • 1 unit of 12V 2A power adapter for NVR
  • 4 units of 12V 1A power adapter for Cameras
  • 1 unit of USB mouse
  • 1 unit of 3.2ft Ethernet cable
  • 1 unit of user manual

Top 3 – Reolink

Reolink Budget Wireless Security Camera System

Reolink occupies the third position on our list of best budget wireless security camera system. Ever since Reolink was founded in 2009, they have continued to manufacture great products with state of the art technology.

Reolink deserves to be called “the easy does it” due to the new innovations they brought to the industry. No doubt their products have been generating rave reviews from verified user all around the globe.

The simple setup of Reolink made it suitable for potential users who wish to install their first security system, or user who is just trying to upgrade their existing system by adding wireless security camera to the existing setup. Reolink full review has already been featured on our website.

Reolink works under -10°C to 55°C which makes Reolink to adapt with an unfriendly weather condition without affecting its core operation.

Main Features of Reolink Wireless Security Camera System

  • Day and Night Vision
  • Built-in 1TB HDD
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
  • Multiple Display
  • eSATA Port for Storage Expansion
  • Built-in Audio Microphone
  • Motion Detection
  • 1080p Resolution

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Reolink Budget System Camera setup

Whether it is day or night, there is an assurance that Reolink cameras will keep recording. At dusk, the 36 pieces infrared LEDs illuminate the scene to be captured to the distance of 80 feet.

Reolink ensures that user has a crime-free environment, by including a 1 terabyte surveillance grade hard drive into the NVR to have a 24/7 recording. With this huge amount of storage drive, no activity is left unrecorded. 1 terabyte of hard drive guarantees several weeks of video footage before video loop begins.

Reolink wireless outdoor security cameras also adopt the IP66 weatherproof rating. The IP 66 is the standard rating for protecting a security camera from dust and jets of water which means, no intrusion of dirt or moisture can occur on Reolink wireless outdoor security cameras.

Multiple display offers user the flexibility to choose their display option from the rear of the NVR. The multiple display can also be used simultaneously e.g. setting up a monitor in the bedroom using the HDMI port, and also running another display monitor in the garage via the VGA port.

Another important feature of Reolink NVR is the provision of eSATA port, which offers video storage expansion option. You can generate months of video storage by connecting an external storage box of up to 4 terabytes to the NVR.

Reolink wireless security camera comes with built-in audio microphone which captures the audio background in your environment. Despite that recording audio is illegal in some parts of the U.S according to the Federal Wiretap act, it is very important to observe the law in your state or city regarding recording audio before enabling this function.

Motion detection can help to limit long hours of recording unreasonable event, thus giving room for extending the video storage capacity on the hard drive. Motion detection is ideal in places like store rooms or server rooms because they are off-limit to certain individuals, NVR will only record when the camera captures movement.

Reolink wireless camera never produces blurry images during the night, let alone produces blurry videos during the day. Reolink lets u capture stunning images and videos via its 4mm and 80° wide angle lens which are truly 1080p full HD resolution.

Reolink wireless security camera system comes with 2 year warranty and parts replacement.


  • The installation was a breeze.
  • 2 USB ports.
  • Quality security kit and affordable price.
  • There is an option of expanding the storage bank with an external storage drive of up to 4TB.
  • The images produced are truly 1080p resolution.
  • There are 4 longer power extension cables for the cameras.
  • The mobile app is easy to setup, and it is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • The system is truly plug and play.
  • Tech support is exceptionally responsive and helpful
  • Camera can be adjusted to a desirable angle.
  • Reolink provided good and helpful documentation.


  • Reolink wireless NVR only uses Cat. 5 patch cable to connect to the router.
  • Cloud storage is not supported on this model.
  • The system does not support 5 GHz wireless spectrum which could be easily impacted by several concrete walls.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of 4 channel Reolink wireless NVR system
  • 1 unit of 1TB Surveillance Grade Hard Drive (pre-installed)
  • 4 units of 1080P Wireless Bullet Camera
  • 4 units of 14.7ft Camera Power Extension Cable
  • 1 unit of Quick Start Guide
  • Accessories

Top 4 – Camview

Camview Budget Wireless Security Camera System

Camview is also not left out in this category. This system is greatly designed to fulfil the requirement of a home or business surveillance equipment. Camview is currently generating positive reviews from the verified users of this product.

Camview wireless NVR operates from extremely lower temperature of -10°C to 50°C without a negative impact on the system.

Camview is able to deliver clear and distinct images. It has all the necessary features a good home or business security system should have, this is why it is becoming popular amongst its kinds on the market.

Camview has the easiest setup process. There is no use of cable except the power adapters which are being connected to the cameras, and plugged into power to provide current. Other than this, there is no room for messy cables.

Main Features of Camview Wireless Security Camera System

  • 5db Wireless Antenna
  • Plug and Play
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Day and Night Vision
  • Built-in 1TB HDD
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
  • HDMI and VGA Output (HD)
  • Audio Microphone Option on Camera
  • Motion Detection
  • Live Stream and Local playback

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Camview Budget Wireless Security Camera System

Unlike other brands of wireless cameras on the market that utilize 3db antenna, which can only go a distance of 300 meters, Camview wireless camera uses 5db antenna which has a long distance of 350 meters to the NVR. The 5db antenna on Camview wireless camera will allow users to cover more distance from camera to the NVR.

The true plug and play technology embedded on Camview eliminates the use of wireless router, video cables, and any other complicated configurations. All you have to do is connect all the cameras to the NVR, provide power to them, and wait for the NVR to automatically set them up.

Camview camera also produces brighter and crisp images in 1080p full HD resolution, a resolution which is twice the size of the popular 720p. 1080p resolution allows you to view your videos in a large frame, and also lets you have a detailed information about the image captured with a 3.6mm wide angle lens.

Day and night vision technology lets you have that peace of mind you desire. The camera will auto switch to night mode whenever the available light falls below the average threshold. The high power infrared LEDs are able to produce a beam of infrared radiation to the distance of 65 feet, in order for the image sensor to capture images.

Nothing is more fascinating than the pre-loaded 1 terabyte on the Camview wireless NV. You will never miss any moment of action on your NVR. The 1 terabyte surveillance grade hard drive on Camview will record an endless video footage for more than 20 days, before the NVR starts to rewrite the old video files.

The Camview outdoor wireless camera has a rating of IP 66, Camview ensured that the camera does not suffer intrusion of dust and water. The sturdy camera enclosure also protects the camera from any other rough weather, so that its operation is not negatively impacted.

With HDMI and VGA output, user has the option to choose their preferred choice. We have always recommended HDMI over VGA because it produces better quality images. It also supports audio whilst VGA does not support audio especially when external mic is being used on the camera.

The plug and play feature on Camview is truly amazing. You only need to attach the antennae to the cameras, and connect your NVR to the power outlet then watch your display monitor as each camera pops up.

You can record audio on Camview wireless camera by connecting an external microphone audio pickup device to the camera mic input port. Recording audio comes with a lots of restrictions, you need to observe your local or state law before you use this feature.

Motion detection is another important feature on Camview security system. The motion detection protects your home or business by pushing alert notifications to the Camview app on your smartphone, or send the picture to your email when movement is detected by any of the cameras.

Live Stream and Local playback enables the user to watch the live feed, or the recorded videos from a remote location. User can also use this feature to backup videos to their smartphone.

This budget wireless security camera by Camview provides 2 year warranty with free parts replacement and lifetime free technical support.


  • The installation was straightforward
  • Crisp images with 1080p full HD resolution.
  • Amazing plug and play.
  • Responsive and polite tech support.
  • The mobile app is easy to setup, and it is available on Google play and Apple store.
  • Good position of camera antenna.
  • Very affordable system money can buy.
  • Peer-to-peer cloud connection is very easy.
  • This wireless camera system works with Blue iris & iSpy platform.


  • Only supports 1 USB port which makes video backup to a USB pen drive and using USB mouse simultaneously impossible.
  • Cloud storage is not also supported.
  • The system is limited to 2 GHz wireless band.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of 4 Channel 1080P NVR Pre-installed with 1TB Hard Drive
  • 4 units of 1080P Bullet IP Cameras with RJ45 + DC + Audio tail plugs
  • 4 units of 5db Antennae for Cameras
  • 4 units of 5ft Power Supply for Cameras (12V-1A)
  • 1 unit of 5ft Power Supply for NVR (12V-2A)
  • 1 unit of 3.3ft Network Cable
  • 1 unit of USB Mouse
  • 1 unit of Remote Controller (Battery not included)
  • 1 unit of Screw Bag
  • 1 unit of User Manual

Top 5 – XmartO

XmartO Budget Wireless Security Camera System

The last on our list is xmartO.

XmartO wireless camera system is made with quality material, and it is also getting attentions and positive reviews amongst users by the day. According to the brand itself: “We believe there is no perfect product in the world; yet we can go infinitely close to perfect”, we are very impressed with their vision.

XmartO focuses mainly on wireless security products in order to eliminate the frustrations of dealing with messy cabling faced by users, and to abet do-it-yourself system. The system also has a built-in wireless router that ensures the NVR establishes a standalone network with the camera, without using an external router.

This budget wireless security camera kit comes with 4 outdoor cameras, that can be upgraded to 8 cameras system using the same 8 channel NVR. The 4 outdoor cameras comprises of 2 units of 4mm and 2 units of 6mm.

Main Features of XmartO Wireless Security Camera System

  • 3D-DNR Technology
  • Anti-thunder Protection
  • Wi-FI Repeater Function
  • Auto Pair Technology
  • 1080p HD Videos
  • IP66 Weather-resistant and Night Vision
  • Motion-triggered Alerts and Emails
  • Audio Microphone Option
  • Pre-Installed 1Terabyte

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

XmartO wireless camera uses 3D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), an advanced technology which is a method by which the camera’s imager digitally removes noise or interference from the image, before it is recorded.

Anti-thunder Standard IEC61000-4-5 is built on the xmartO system. It protects the NVR and cameras from damage caused by thunder and lightning strikes. This is thoughtful idea from a baby company like xmartO who just started in 2010.

XmartO uses dream liner Wi-Fi relay technology on the entire system, which enables user to set cameras that are closer to the NVR as Wi-Fi repeaters for the weak signal cameras, in order to boost the Wi-Fi range to 2 – 3 times that far.

Auto pair technology let you have a great user experience throughout the setup. Just attach the antenna to the cameras and plug them to a power outlet. Also connect the display monitor to the NVR and feed them with power, then the cameras will start to show up on the display monitor.

The 1080p full HD resolution featured on xmartO made the cameras to deliver stunning 2 million-pixel crystal clear videos, both day and night. With 1080p resolution, you can never go wrong in recognizing and identifying a subject of interest.

The xmartO wireless camera is well built to suite outdoor applications. The IP 66 weatherproof rating ensures that the camera enclosure is properly sealed to prevent water, dust, and moisture from getting into the camera.

The night vision on the xmartO camera captures 80 feet of amazing black and white images in pitch-black condition, with the help of the 3 professional LEDs array embedded in the camera. 

Motion-triggered alerts let you stay up with your home or business, especially when you are away. The app pushes notifications to your smartphone, or send you emails with snapshots when activities are detected.

This budget security camera system has an audio microphone option, there is an audio jack on the tail of each camera, you can add microphone audio pickup device to get audio embedded to videos. Make sure you fully understand the local or state laws on recording audio before using this function.

The pre-loaded 1 terabytes on the NVR can records past around 30 days of all 4 cameras. The video storage capacity can also be extended to maximum of 6TB which can hold past 180 days of video files.

xmartO wireless security camera system also comes with 1 year warranty and parts replacement.


  • The best product money can buy.
  • The NVR supports up to 8 cameras.
  • Sharp and bright images during the day and night.
  • Auto pairing the cameras was very easy.
  • Proactive tech support via email.
  • This wireless camera system works with iSpy
  • Peer-to-peer cloud connection is very easy.
  • Intuitive mobile app available for download in Google and Apple store.
  • The 4mm and 6mm cameras mixture is great. The 2 units of 6mm cameras are good for securing the perimeter.


  • Does not support eSATA port.
  • Cloud storage not supported.
  • The system does not support 5 GHz
  • You need to run a longer cable of electricity to power the outdoor cameras where they get good signals but this is not a deal breaker.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 unit of 8 Channel 1080p HD NVR with 1TB hard drive pre-installed
  • 4 units of 1080p Full HD Weatherproof Night Vision Wireless Camera
  • 1 unit of 12V 3A Power Adapter for NVR (3.3ft power cord)
  • 4 units of 12V 1A Power Adapter for Camera (10ft power cord)
  • 1 unit of 3ft Network Cable
  • 1 unit of USB Mouse
  • 1 unit of User Manual

Final Advice

We have diligently done our job by putting together the best budget wireless security camera system that you can buy. If this is your first camera installation, or if you so wish to upgrade your existing surveillance security system by adding some wireless kit, this is the guide that will point you to the right direction.

Before putting this guide together, we made sure we had clear understanding on each of the system. We also proceeded further to test all the systems for:

  • A good image resolution
  • Easiest installation and setup
  • Hard drive maximum capacity to hold the 4 cameras
  • Remote access and playback option
  • Weatherproof rating

We were so glad with the overall results we got, and all we can say is that all the featured wireless security camera systems can be trusted.