Ever heard of CCTV Lux ratings? They’re important. Lower Lux means better low-light performance. Your security camera sees better in the dark. But remember, don’t confuse it with image quality.

Why Lux Matters

A camera with a low Lux rating performs better in dim light. It makes a big difference in your surveillance quality.

Unveiling the Concept of Lux in CCTV Cameras

Lux is a term you should know when buying a CCTV camera. It’s all about light.

Defining Lux: The Measure of Light

Lux is a measure of light intensity. In simple terms, it’s how much light hits a certain area.

The Role of Lux in CCTV Cameras

In CCTV cameras, Lux affects visibility. Lower Lux cameras perform better in low light. They help you see clearly even at night.

How Lux Ratings Influence Your Surveillance Camera Performance

Wondering how Lux ratings affect your camera? It’s simple. Lower Lux equals better night vision. Your camera can see more with less light. But be careful, a lower Lux doesn’t mean better image quality. It’s all about the light, not the picture. So, always check Lux ratings before buying a CCTV camera. It can make a big difference in your security setup.