Funlux 3 security camera review

Hello everyone, today we will review an easy to setup security camera system, the Funlux 3 pack Wireless 720p HD and its two-way audio feature, enabling you to have a live discussion with the people in your house.

If you’re not sure about which feature and camera type you should chose, I highly recommend you to check our guide “What Makes a Good Security Camera”

James Colins

Founder | Reseller

Generations of people have made progress in taking care of their loved ones. Some of them left younger children with older people in order to take care of them, and some of them ensured that they always got back on time.

However, with the ever-changing age, a lot of people have found it futile to trust on babysitters, and instead trust on some kind of surveillance equipment to ensure that their belongings and their family members are safe in their absence.

This is the reason why most of the people have undertaken the use of surveillance cameras to be installed in their own house. Of course, this may seem to be invasive, but in this age where everything is uncertain, having some sort of security is a necessity.

This is where the importance of surveillance cameras like the Funlux 3 pack Wireless 720p HD lies. It is not only a camera that can enable you to witness everything going on in your property in high definition, but you can witness everything directly from your smart phone, your computer or even your tablet.

Recording happens 24 hours a day along with proper playbacks from your cloud server. With seamless connectivity, you would be able to remain on the top of your viewing game with the use of this product. Moreover, with the two-way audio, you also get to talk with your loved ones, and with motion detection, you ensured that unnecessary wastage of electricity and storage is not done.


Main Features:

  1. 720p HD recording
  2. Cloud Playback
  3. Two-way Audio
  4. Easy to setup

Breakdown of the Features of the Funlux 3 Wireless 720p HD Pack

With the Funlux 3 pack Wireless 720p HD, the one thing that you can be guaranteed is that you can get remote viewing set up with the Smart camera without any problems.

Of course, smart cameras happen to be in vogue nowadays, and everybody wants to purchase it. However, what most people do not realize is that the quality of the camera should also be taken into consideration.

With Funlux 3 pack Wireless 720p HD, the image clarity and build quality are a lot better than the average security camera you can find on the market.

On one hand, you would have the ability to watch everything that is going on in your house with amazing clarity and without any kind of issues. On the other, the setup is extremely easy, and you would be able to take advantage of the different features provided with the Funlux 3 pack Wireless 720p HD.

Most of the homeowners have had a pleasurable experience when making use of this camera and installation of this product is a breeze.

HD Recording & Motion Detection
  • The 720p high definition value is there to be seen. It is perfect to be used and witness from your smart phone, your laptop or even your computer without skipping a beat.
  • The Motion Detection feature allow you to save both storage and electricity.
Cloud Storage
You can instantly take pictures and record sessions by the use of the application, whereby the recording sessions can also be downloaded to your mobile phone directly from the cloud. Thanks to the Cloud, a playback feature allows you to watch a past recorded session.
Two-Way Audio
It allows you to talk directly with the people in your property. Perfect if you are away and the postman is ringing, you can tell him to let the package at your doorstep.
Easy Set up
The set up is extremely simple, and its ease of use is mesmerizing to say the least.
Night Vision
The camera comes with night vision to provide clear and concise video during the night. You get a viewing range of at least 30 feet in the dark.
Automatic Notifications
Be alerted if your Funlux Camera System detects anything uncommun directly on your smartphone, even when you are away.
Wide Angle View
It has a wide viewing angle of 115°.

It is not a costly solution

By introducing the Funlux 3 pack Wireless 720p HD four security measures in your house, you are doing a whole world of good to your house, while also ensuring that your property and family members remain safe and secure at all times.

You could employ a single camera in your house, or you could install a whole set of cameras in order to keep a close vigil on the entirety of your property.

It is not a costly proposition, and at the end of the day, you would see that the return on investment lies in the peace and tranquility offered when you are away from your house and can see your family from remote locations across the world.

  • The product comes with a 60 days return warranty and refund, along with a two year warranty.
  • The application is really easy to use and completly free.
  • It has a night vision range of around 30 feet.
  • Lifetime tech support for people in the United States of America.
  • Ease of use.
  • Motion detection cameras as well as notifications for any sound alert.
  • It can provide crystal clear images during the day.
  • Support for live chat available on the website.
  • A few people have complained about the apparent lack of clarity in the night vision images and videos.

The Final Verdict

As a parent, a guardian and a functioning member of society, it is your duty to ensure that your establishment is secure and free from any hassles whatsoever.

The current price for this Funlux package is not only a good deal, but it can provide appropriate security to your establishment without any problems. When you compare them to any other wireless cameras with 720p capability, you would find the others lacking in the picture quality.

Moreover, it provides a lot more capabilities than some of the higher priced wireless cameras, and also contains motion detection and two-way audio capabilities. This is definitely a product that we recommend you to check out.