A review of the Funlux security brand


Affordable and quality Video Surveillance Equipment



A company which was recently established itself, Funlux has definitely been able to increase their presence in the global camera market in leaps and bounds.

One of the best things that can be told about this company is their commitment to promote and produce high quality products at nominal rates. The products are in the range of security cameras to all types of business network communication and surveillance systems. However, there is also an accompanying platform by which the devices can be controlled.

Funlux 720P Remote Monitoring Wireless IP Camera with smartlink set up

As a brand, Funlux has been at the forefront of producing cutting edge products that have a single platform to use them. They opine that the world has seen its spate of new technologies, like the wearable watches, clothes and also the thermostat, which has been recently introduced in the market.

“Funlux have come with up a comprehensive solution to create a single platform that can work as a basis of a single, smart living provider.”

However, all of them run on different platforms and that can be distressing to any new user. So the engineers at Funlux have come with up a comprehensive solution to create a single platform that can work as a basis of a single, smart living provider.

Pictures from Funlux

They are genuine advocates of Internet of Things and have made a commitment to ensure that the living appliance market can see the resurgence and the rampant use of such products.

With a chance and the necessity to simplify life, a company has got to pick up the mantle and say that they are all for ensuring that everything comes under control. Well, that has happened with Funlux.

They have brought out products which are simple to set up and extremely easy to use.

A great system of cameras is always an asset to any house, be it in the form of advanced security or just the basic façade of security. With the new and improved range of security cameras from Funlux, one can expect better coverage, a wider range of capture and a better battery life from their cameras.

IP cameras, which can be remotely controlled to capture and view feedback from your establishment is an important part of this puzzle. The other thing that you can realize in the use of the cameras from Funlux is the constant software upgrade, which is a means to increase the longevity of that product.

“Powered by US servers, Funlux Cloud Recording is protected by bank-level encryption that can be accessed only by your personal account, to ensure that your videos are kept safe at all times.”

Photograph from Funlux

Furthermore, one of the great things about Funlux is the fact that they have a robust customer support which can be very vital when it comes to enjoying the best of support when you encounter any problems, be it hardware or software.

They seek to eliminate any grouses or grievances that a customer may have at the very beginning, which can bring about a lot of goodwill in the minds of people.

When it comes to the quality of the product, they are at their best game.

With an active social media profile and a wonderful inventory of superior camera products, Funlux has made a firm commitment to help people adopt this new age of security and surveillance and it is reflected in their workings as well.