Funlux security camera system review

Today, we will do a review and analysis of a Funlux System to see the good and bad points of this brand. We will be reviewing their Smart Wireless System which includes 8 weatherproof video cameras with night vision and 1TB hard drive stockage. A great security system for business owners who are looking to have cameras all over their place or simply if you’re living in a big house.
Funlux Surveillance Camera System Review
Review of: Funlux 8 Channel 1080p

Last update: 30.04.2018

A 8 Channel installation that does perfectly the job.

You can not find a better value for your money!


Super easy to set up.


Basic online guides and support available only through email.

We Like
It’s crazy cheap

Image Quality

1 month of shootage
We Don’t Like
No HDMI cable included
Short AC cables
Summary: This review will go through the main aspect and characteristics of the security system to help you decide if it’s a good choice to invest in it or not.

Reasons to invest in a Funlux product

Nowadays, most of people who tested Funlux products attested that they are really simple to install and that they are a good fit for average consumers who are looking for a do it yourself surveillance camera system to secure their lovely home.

Easy Set up Monitoring System

Funlux main features
99.9% of the customers who bought a Funlux product said that it was really easy to install and only a very few faced a problem during the setup.

I have to say, when you open the box, you directly understand that it is not going to take you endless hours to set everything up and running. I don’t understand why some people encountered some issues during the installation, you can’t do more easier than that.

Everything is well organised and you don’t have a tons of cables that you don’t even know what to do with.  You have the cameras, the mount for them, the power source cables and the external hard drive. Furthermore, everything comes with a simple and really clear instruction manual to guide you through the installation process.

The only thing that was missing was a HDMI cable, I had to use one of mine to connect my screen to the system. For the price tag of this product, I have to say it’s a shame, they could have include it.

Once you screwed each antenne to its camera, you’ll just need to find the location where you want to mount them. Then, you will have to connect them to their individual power supply with a micro usb wire. Some people were complaining about the wires being too short, I found them to be perfect for my home. They are 4 feet long but you can easily find micro usb extension cables if you need more than that.

Once the camera are plugged in and your 1TB hard drive is connected to your router, you will have to connect everything together with the free app Meshare. Even if you’ll have to connect one camera after another, the setup is automatic and pretty quick.

Here’s a small unboxing and setup video for the Funlux 8 Channel NVR system:

The Camera Features – You don’t need more!

Funlux Camera System - Important Features
Another great feature of this package is the build quality. Like you’ve seen in the video, the cameras look robust and the materials used are not cheap at all. It is strong aluminum with metallic white paint. The purpose is not to make them look nice but rather to have the best durability and functionality possible.
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Funlux Camera Image quality
Despite the fact that it is not full hd (1080p) quality, the 720p footage and live video quality is sharp and captures all the details you need. Furthermore, all the cameras allow you to efficiently manage your stockage space thanks to the Funlux smart recording technology.

That means, you can record up to 25 days of continuous footage with the included 1TB hard drive. 24/7 continuous recording for almost one month without the need to buy a bigger hard drive is something that is really appreciated. You’ll never miss what’s going on in your home or business.

Funlux Smart Recording
You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? You don’t know which features you should prioritise for your setup?
The value for money is great when it comes to the recording quality. The built-in hardware and video sensor create amazing images especially when it comes to the night vision. The camera offers up to 80 feet of visibility in the complete dark during night using an Infrared special filter. It gives you plenty of time to be alerted when someone tries to sneak in your property.

Typically, you want to be notified when the camera’s motion sensor detected an unusual activity. Thanks to the app, it’s possible and you will be able to receive this notifications wherever you are as soon as you have signal coming through. You will not only be alerted, but you will also see what’s going and record it directly on your phone, tablet or computer if needed.


2.8mm Lens – You can see everything!

The Funlux Surveillance Camera System allows you to see everything. Indeed, with their ultra wide lenses, only one camera allows you to easily cover an entire room or local. Basically, you just need to put them in the top corner of the area you want to control and nothing more. You’ll be able to see everything.

The Advantages

  • Super easy to Setup
  • Good image quality
  • Up to 1 month of shootage
  • Value for Money

The Disadvantages

  • No HDMI cable included
  • Short AC cables

The Final Verdict

To conclude, the Funlux Surveillance Camera System includes a bunch of useful features. The package we reviewed in this article can definitely make your home or business a safer place. Furthermore, you will feel relieved to be able to check your camera footage from wherever you want 24/7.