GW 8 channel security camera system

Is the 8 Channel H.265 from GW Security worth your money? We have the answer. It has 5 top features that can completely secure your property and make you feel more safe. Check our review detailing its advantages and disadvantages as well as its user experience.

8 Channel H.265 from GW Security
Review of: GW 8 Channel H.265

Last update: 02.11.2019

Great quality system with 8 HD cameras.
The price perfectly matches the value of this monitoring system.


Power over Ethernet setup is clean and simple.


1 year warranty and a lifetime support are included.

We Like
Video clarity
Optical zoom
Plug & play feature
Great customer service
We Don’t Like
Not wireless

Summary: Manufactured by GW Security, this system has really good features to offer. You should pay attention that you can chose to have dome cameras in your set up. Keep in mind that those dome cameras have a lower resolution than the regular ones. Other than that, this 8 channel system is a pleasure both to install and to monitor. Furthermore, GW Security support is really efficient and pleasant.

Reasons to invest in a Video Surveillance System

Maybe you’re not sure if installing a security camera system is relevant for your situation. Or maybe you’re telling yourself that it’s a bit to extreme for what you really need.

It is totally normal to have this type of doubts and interrogations even more when we know the price of those security systems. But wouldn’t you like to see who comes in and who walks out from your place? Even if you’re not there or while you’re on vacation?
Wouldn’t you like to know how your kids are doing, if they are safe, and if the nanny is treating them right?

If you asked yourself those questions once, you need to look out for a security camera system that will solve your problems and there is nothing better to give you all these capabilities in the clearest and sharpest images and videos than the GW H.265 camera.

The H.265 from GW Security boasts of top-of-the-range features that have addressed the issues of its predecessors making it the latest camera to provide more efficiency to the security world. The GW 8 Channel H.265 is manufactured by the The Brand company and they have a whole range of security items on their website.

Wall mounted GW Security Camera

GW Security System Overview

This video camera system is a one of kind that will give you real-time security updates. This will ensure that your office workers do not stay out for lunch too long and that your nanny is on her best behavior.

Major features

      • IP66 indoor and outdoor weatherproof camera
      • H.265 compression technology
      • 3.6mm lens
      • Infrared LED for night vision
      • 8 PoE ports and 3 USB ports
      • 5-megapixel camera
      • Autofocus four times optical zoom
If it’s the first time you’re considering buying a security camera system and you have no real idea which feature to prioritze, you can check our Buyer Guide and our guide about which features are important.

Breakdown of the Features

– IP66 indoor and outdoor weatherproof camera: Imagine having a camera that can get you footage in a storm. This increases your camera’s lifespan and ensures that even in these conditions you can be able to get high-quality footage of your property.

– H.265 compression technology: This enables your camera to transmit seamlessly and delivering high definition images. The data compression ratio is doubled compared to earlier models H.264 and earlier making the camera give high-quality data even in lower bandwidths.

– 3.6mm lens for wide view angle and infrared LED for night vision. Even in the dark, this camera will deliver clear images in distance of up to 120 ft. The 3.6mm lens provides an extensive coverage range.

Focal and zoom comparison

According to the online security alarm shop website, the camera also has 8 PoE ports and 3 USB ports to ensure flawless data transmission across distances around your property.

– 5-megapixel camera that ensures very clear pictures and excellent video clarity of up to 1520p, which means sharper and larger videos.
This camera has the best and clearest images you can get from any security device. These high definition images ensure that you can see everything captured clearly.

– Autofocus four times optical zoom which is remote controlled. The NVR camera view can be able to zoom in over distances still providing the same image clarity to ensure that your objects of interest are well captured.
This focus and zoom feature can be controlled remotely from your phone creating great convenience for you.

You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? We made a great infographic that details everything for you.

Personal experience with GW Security

When I first read of a camera that can store up to 16 terabytes of data, send security alerts to my phone, operate remotely from my phone, and most importantly attain a clarity of 5 mega pixels of image and 2592*1920 high definition videos, I could not believe it! I thought ‘I have to get myself one of those.’

I looked it up on more sites, and the reviews I was reading were great. Walking into a security systems shop, the technician had a fantastic picture on the wall, and I had to comment on how clear it was. The technician told me that it was an image taken by the GW 8 channel H. 2.65 camera and they were using it for advertising. Now I was really interested.

The cameras have that conventional camera look, but the specs are amazing. The camera comes in the attractive bullet design which is really beautiful. The remote control feature and accessibility are the two main features that made me buy this product.

The price was over the roof but I wanted total control of my home even when away, and this is one of the few cameras that can allow me to do that. My only problem with the gadget is the limitation of the space that you can use it on.

It also does not allow several switches; this means I have to get two of them. Going by the price, it is not something I might consider doing anytime soon!

The Advantages

  • The camera is easy to install and use. It has an easy configuration setup and a plug & play feature that makes it efficient for you. To start using the device, you just need to install the camera, connect the cables, and connect to the NVR. In case of a problem, their network support can help you through team viewer.
  • The camera can be connected to your device to give you real-time alerts on the security of your home or office. A QR code is available that can allow you to access your camera system from anywhere by scanning it using a QR scanner to get high definition images to your device.
  • Since the camera also has motion detectors and inbuilt alerts, you can rest assured that your place is secured once you have it installed. This is because it gives you the ability to get security alerts and responses wherever you may be. The motion detectors can be customized for specific movements on the camera range to avoid false alarms.
  • The NVR camera has a wide dynamic range feature that allows it to capture images in uneven light and lighting obstructions making it efficient and reliable. It can also record widescreen with its 3.6mm high definition lens enabling a wide area of view securing most of your spaces.

The Disadvantages

  • The camera does not work well over long distances. This is because it does not send enough power through the cables over long distances. What’s more, adding more than one switch to enable the camera cover more ground is not possible for the camera due to its limited capabilities per switch.
  • The infrared nighttime LED is also not as efficient in complete darkness. However, this might not be problem since you could have an extra source of lighting like a lamp to enhance its night vision capabilities.
  • The camera is a bit pricey, which might not make it an obvious choice for the rational consumer. The presence of other cheaper cameras on the market that can provide as much security makes the GW 8 Channel H.265 security camera unattractive. However, good features come at a cost.

User Experience and Performance

The camera has great reviews online and we understand why. The ease and convenience of setting up is a wonder. It has an easy plug & play kind of set-up that allows you to do it yourself and a ready support technical team to help in case of a hitch.

The 5mp camera creates sharp images ensuring that the camera can get you the best quality pictures. Most reviews on major sites such as Amazon and the security alarm shop online store at IP Camera shop record good reviews with complaints coming in over the night vision clarity only.

I personally love the camera, and I cannot trade it for any other except of course for one with better clarity than 1520p!

You can check out this YouTube video to know more about the product. It gives you a walk through of the entire system and answers some of the common questions regarding the product. It also talks about the performance and offers great options for use with this security camera.

What’s included with this Monitoring System?

8 Channel H.265 GW Security pack
  • A two terabyte hard drive that means extra storage space for footage to ensure that your security data is adequately stored and ensure that data is available for future viewing.
  • 4 megapixels bullet camera, which is the actual camera that you mount on the wall. It has the lens and the infrared for night vision capabilities.
  • 2 GWCAT60 60 feet cables and two GWCAT100 100 FEET cables. The power and Ethernet cables have connectors on both ends to allow power transmission and transfer of data from your camera to your laptop, router, or a device of your choice.

The Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty period in the United States is one year with a provision for lifetime support. This means that you are not only covered in case of damages for one year but you also get free help in case of issues even after a year of purchase. Amazing, right?

If your camera has an issue, the manufacturer has professional technicians to help with all installation and programming issues in the future free of charge. For warranty and support issues, you can contact GW Security on their official website in the customer service section.

The Final Verdict

When buying a camera, we all look for that piece of equipment that keeps your home or office secure while giving great convenience. A camera that you can control remotely, gets you real-time security alerts, and enables you to view your property at the touch of a button is more than you can ask for.

The quality nighttime images and the short-range access is a bit of a downside, but the other amazing features make up for the two shortcomings. I would buy this product over and over if I had to. The camera, however pricey, is worth every dollar.