HeimVision HM241 DVR Security System Review

Home security is a long-term investment that needs to be properly planned and executed. But what happens when you make a wrong selection or choice of equipment? That means you could be doomed at some point. 

Using a video surveillance solution as a second line of defense remains one of the active ways to protect your home from invaders. Video surveillance guarantees video evidence if anything goes wrong, and it will aid the police in quick apprehension. 

This is why you need to understand your requirement before you finally order your video surveillance equipment. 

Today’s edition of the HeimVision review will focus on the HM241 NVR security system, we are going to do a full analysis and see what it has to offer. 

Without further delay, let’s get started. 

HM241 NVR system is an 8-channel 1080P NVR designed for outdoor application, and it is made by Shenzhen VanTop Technology & Innovation Co., Ltd in China. 

HM241 is a low budget NVR security system designed to provide security for your home or business without breaking the bank.

If you are planning to install your first surveillance system and you want a hassle-free connection, this might be for you.

However, HM241 as it seems is not a completely wireless system, you still need to plug the individual camera to a wall outlet. 


4 stars rating

An NVR security system designed to keep your home and environment secured.

4.5 stars rating

The HM241 security system is a good deal.


4.5 stars rating

You don’t need extra support, this is a complete do it yourself product.


3 stars rating

You can get support by writing to support@heimvision.com, or chat with them directly on their Facebook page. Support can also be provided from other HeimVision users within the community forum section on the official homepage.

We Like


True plug and play


Supports desktop app


4x Digital zoom


Supports motion customization


Wide viewing angle


Shows camera signal strength on individual channel

We Don’t Like

Camera does not support micro SD card


Does not support smart home integration


No support for cloud storage


Does not support 2-way audio


Camera does not have PIR motion sensor


HeimKits app lacks 2FA

Summary: HM241 is suitable for those who want to install their first video surveillance but do not want to deal with messy cables, or users who want to expand their existing security system at a budget-friendly cost.

Main Features of HeimVision HM241 NVR Security System

  • 1080p Full HD NVR
  • 960p 1.3 Megapixels Wi-Fi Camera
  • Focal length of 3.6mm
  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • Frame Rate of 25fps
  • Cascading Function
  • Viewing Angle of 110°
  • Up to 50ft in Total Darkness
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Remote View Access

Overview of this HeimVision Security System

heimvision hm241

A 1080p NVR is an NVR that is capable of streaming video from a compatible 1080p camera effectively. HM241 NVR can stream video from 720p to 1080p IP cameras and can accommodate a total of eight 1080p IP cameras without choppy video.

HM241 comes with four numbers of 1.3MP HD security cameras that provide crisp color images during the day, and amazing black/white in the night. Each camera can deliver a 960p resolution which will produce a crystal clear and recognizable detail.

Focal length (measured in mm) – is the distance from the center of a CCTV camera lens to the image sensor. The shorter the lens focal length, the wider is the angle of view.

Conversely, the longer the lens focal length, the narrower is the angle of view.

Each HM241 camera is designed with a 3.6mm focal length, which is considered a shorter focal length, Therefore, the camera will produce a wide-angle image.

HM241 security camera has 110° in angular view which is pretty amazing for a 960p resolution camera.

Image noise in CCTV camera is interference caused by low lighting conditions, heat, or nearby power interference. Image noise can be grainy specks that appear on your CCTV image.

HeimVision security camera comes with digital noise reduction (DNR) technology, which is meant to filter any possible image noise from the security camera, and therefore allows you to see details clearer.

The frame rate of 25fps will give room for your security camera to record without having the video frames throttled. Even though 30fps is perceived the real-time, 25fps with a 960p resolution camera will also have a better performance.

heimvision hm241

Your frames per second (fps) value is directly proportional to the video speed that you will get during playback.

The cascading function is useful when you have a camera that is intermittently losing connection to the NVR, you can simply use another camera to extend the signal to the weak one.

Whether you have a security floodlight to light up your perimeter or not, HM241 is not dependent on external light to operate during the night. There is an in-built 850nm infrared LEDs that glow and provide illumination for the image sensor, to capture black/white image in pitch-dark conditions.

HM241 outdoor camera is able to capture night vision image up to 50 feet distance.

An outdoor camera that can’t survive rain, sun, or snow is not worth the effort. HM241 is built with a sturdy enclosure and can survive the temperature of -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C).

It is rated IP66 which means it is fully protected against dust, solid objects, as well as powerful jets of water.

Struggling with a false alarm is another irritant you don’t want to face. 

Thankfully, the advanced motion detection feature will let you customize your motion alarm by creating a custom zone. You will only receive an alert notification if movement is detected in those custom zones, and you will never be flooded with unwanted notifications.

Remote view access is unavoidable if you would like to catch the glimpse of what triggered the motion when you are on vacation. You can easily login remotely to your NVR and watch the live stream, or playback the recorded footage via the mobile app.

You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? You don’t know which features you should prioritise for your setup?

Design of the Product and its Installation

design of heimvision hm241

Despite HM241 has a low price point, it is built to compete with the big players on the market as a result of the advance features it has got.

It is a true plug and plays and the installation is very flexible. The setup should not take more than five minutes because the cameras have been already paired before shipment.

The installation time for the cameras may vary between individuals.

Simply unbox the package, find and attach each antenna to the camera.

Find a suitable location and install your security cameras, make use of the included wall anchors if you are installing to the wall, and finally connect the power adapters.

It is advisable to hide the power adapter and the IP camera pigtail inside the wall or electrical box, this is a best practice to follow to avoid the risk of the cable being cut by invaders.

Unscrew the NVR and install your 3.5-inch surveillance grade hard drive which you already got, the hard drive screws can be found in the package.

Connect the included USB mouse to the rear of the NVR, the display monitor to the VGA or HDMI port, the Ethernet cable to LAN port, and the other end to the internet modem/router.

Finally, plug in your NVR power adapter to the DC port and to the wall outlet.

The NVR will power up and begin the initialization process, the cameras should show up shortly after.

Setting a secure password on your security device should always be your top priority. To do this, right-click on the main interface, then go to System setup > System Admin > User> Set password. It is advised not to use your birth year, choose a strong combination that you won’t forget.

To set up the remove view access, visit your respective mobile app store and install HeimKits.

Launch the HeimKits app and create an account or log in if you have already registered. Tap the “+” button to add your NVR.

Heimkit app


Next up, select “kit” which is the second option and wait for your device to automatically be added.

Note: Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same router/internet modem that the NVR is sitting on.


heimkit app


Tap your device and assign a name, enter your password as it is on your NVR, but if you have never assigned a password for the NVR, just leave the password field blank and hit “complete” to finalize the setup. 


heimkit app


Then you will be presented with your device on the next page, tap the thumbnail to go to the live stream.

Take time to navigate the entire features and understand how each one of works.


heimkit app

User Experience and Performance

heimvision hm302 packaging

Setup was a breeze and installation of the security cameras was also not complicated.

Undoubtedly, HeimVision HM241 is truly plugged and play as the user literally has to do nothing, but to sit back whilst the system does its magic.

Almost all the verified users of HM241 registered their positive feedbacks, they were so happy the HeimVision video security gear worked as expected. They emphasized on the crisp image that the cameras produce.

Many also expressed their satisfaction that the cameras worked flawlessly on a long-distance connection.

On the other hand, few users expressed displeasure over HeimVision not including a hard drive, and also did not indicate the hard drive specification.

It wasn’t long before they were told to order a 3.5-inch surveillance grade hard drive particularly WD purple.

HeimKits App

heimkits app

HeimKits app is developed and managed by Shenzhen VanTop Technology & Innovation Co., Ltd – a parent company of HeimVision.

The app currently has over 10k installs on Google Play, the app requires Android 4.4 and later to run. There is a current rating of 4.2 of 5.0 which is impressive. We hope they can maintain this rating over time.

Whilst on the App store, the app requires iOS 9.0 or later to run on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. The current rating is 2.0 of 5.0, this is not encouraging. HeimVision needs to promptly attend to user feedback and complaints to roll out app updates.

What’s in the box?

what's in the box heimvision hm241

The necessary kits to get the HM241 NVR security system setup and installed are included in the package.


  • 1x 8CH 1080p Wi-Fi NVR
  • 4x 960p 1.3 MP day/night outdoor Wi-Fi cameras
  • 4x 5dB Antenna for IP cameras
  • 4x 10ft Power adapter for security cameras
  • 1x 3ft Power supply for NVR
  • 1x 3ft LAN cable
  • 1x USB mouse
  • 4x Set of screws and Allen wrench for the cameras
  • 1x Quick start guide
  • 1x Screw package for hard disk


  • The camera build quality is impressive
  • The picture is crisp, night vision is also great
  • The NVR storage can be upgraded to 6TB
  • Each of the cameras has a built-in Wi-Fi repeater, which can be used to strengthen other camera’s weak signal
  • HeimVision supports PC client and mobile app, user is not restricted to one platform


  • Power adapters for both the cameras and NVR do not have ferrite core that can prevent interference for the devices
  • The cameras and the NVR do not support the audio
  • HeimVision HM241 does not support cloud storage
  • The NVR and cameras are not ONVIF compatible
  • Cameras are not PoE
  • It is disappointing that you can’t use a USB mouse and thumb drive for video backup concurrently as a result of the single USB port
  • The camera power adapter cable is too short, you will need to spend extra to buy an extension cable

The Warranty

HM241 NVR Wi-Fi security system is covered with a two-year limited warranty and 1-month refund policy for non-quality related issues starting from the first day of purchase.

Only purchases made directly from HeimVision online stores are eligible for refunds. If you had made your purchase through a vendor other than HeimVision, you need to liaise with such a vendor for a refund.

Item(s) bought must remain in their original package to avoid being rejected by HeimVision.

HeimVision may also request a valid proof of purchase before the refund can be granted, so ensure you keep the proof of purchase with you at all times.

It is important to know that HeimVision does not cover the following under its warranty:

  • Products without sufficient proof of purchase
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Damage from misuse of products

The Final Verdict

We believe we have been able to cover most of the questions you might want to ask.

You need to be on top of your own game at all times, and make sure your home is fortified against the trepidation of the intruders.

Can the HeimVision HM241 NVR security system provide protection?

Yes! HM241 from HeimVision is reliable and it is worth every penny spent.

However, if your application requires audio, then this system may not be the best choice as it does not support audio.

HM541 is the alternative choice but it is a wired connection.