HeimVision HM243 security camera system review

There are many ways home security can be achieved, but choosing the one that best suits your application might tend to be a wild-goose chase especially if you are on a budget.

 But how do you prevent your home from the horror of burglars or intruders? This will take us on another video surveillance review.

Today’s HeimVision review will focus on HM243 – a 1080P Wi-Fi security camera system.

HeimVision has been making waves across the industry lately, gaining lots of attention from users. But how far can HM243 provide security? You will need to find out in this article.

Review of: HeimVision HM243 1080P

Last update: 09.01.2020


4 stars rating

is a home security system that is expected to give you peace of mind. The main unit is built with stylish design.

4.5 stars rating

It is fairly cheap and you won’t have to break a bank to acquire one.


4.5 stars rating

This is a true plug and play system, and it is equally do-it-yourself video surveillance gear. 


3 stars rating

Technical support is provided via the live chat on the homepage. You can also get assistance from other HeimVision users under the community forum section.

We Like


The NVR is movable provided the cameras are within the Wi-Fi signal range


NVR and cameras power adapters have a ferrite core to prevent electrostatic interference


HM243 is a cost-effective system


Comes with an in-built LCD Display

We Don’t Like

Does not supports cloud storage


HeimKits app lacks two-factor authentication (2FA)


The camera has no audio


Does not come with hard drive


Night vision is only 50 feet

Summary: HM243 1080P Wi-Fi camera system is ideal for users who are looking to have a video surveillance setup without dealing with any tedious camera cable.

Main Features of the HM243 1080P Wi-Fi Security Camera System

  • 1080P Full HD Security Camera
  • 12 Inch LCD Display Monitor
  • 110° Field of View
  • True Plug and Play
  • Repeater Function
  • Video Playback
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
  • Motion Detection and Email Notification
  • Remote View Access
  • Night Vision

Overview of this HeimVision Security Camera

HeimVision HM243 1080P NVR Security Camera System with 12-inch LCD Monitor

The security camera has a 1080P full HD resolution which is enough to capture good, reliable, and meaningful image.

Interestingly, HM243 security system comes with an in-built 12 inch LCD monitor which comes in handy, especially if you don’t want to spend extra to buy a display monitor. The LCD display has a pretty good resolution and produces a sharp image.

The 110° field of view will ensure you capture a wide area of interest. And with the support of 3.6mm focal length, nothing can ever go unnoticed.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the focal length of a security camera, the wider the field of view.

HM243 is a true plug and play system as advertised, it does not require extra effort to make the cameras work, just choose the best camera installation point that is not far from the main unit and that’s it. All four cameras will come up in no time.

Additionally, the HM243 NVR is expansible to eight cameras at a go, this means that you can add four cameras over time as your need to cover more area arises.

Amongst the important features to consider before selecting an outdoor security camera is the weatherproof rating. Some cameras have a brilliant performance but are not designed for outdoor application.

The HM243 security system uses CA01 camera, which is perfectly designed to withstand temperature ranging from -4° to 122°Fahrenheit (-20°C to 50°C). CA01 has a sturdy enclosure and it is rated ingress protection 66.

IP66 weatherproof rating offers full protection against dust/particulates, and direct high-pressure jets.

Whether it is extremely hot during the day or it’s raining all night, you don’t need to fret, HM243 security cameras will not cease operation.

The HM243 security system has an amazing motion detection feature which is useful to maximize the hard drive. You can save a significant amount of space on the hard drive, by recording only when movement is detected on the security camera.

The email notification feature will allow you to receive alert messages when motion detection occurs on any of the security cameras.

Video playback is achievable on the HM243 security system. However, you need to install a surveillance grade hard drive into the NVR for this feature to work. Since the hard drive is not included in the NVR, video playback won’t happen.

Nothing is more exciting when you can access your home via the internet anytime you are away. HM243 1080P security camera system supports P2P remote view access from any part of the word.

You just need to install the corresponding mobile app from HeimVision to enable you to watch everything that matters to you.

CA01 is a day and night vision security camera that is able to produce stunning color images during the day, and a clear black/white image at low light or in pitch black condition.

CA01 security camera has three powerful SMD infrared LEDs that will illuminate up to 50ft distance. So if you didn’t remember to turn on the security floodlight, HM243 will capture awesome night vision regardless.

The NVR has a push-pull button on the front panel that can be used to turn off the LCD display so that you won’t have to leave the LCD on when it is not needed.

It is very relieving to know that CA01 can be used to extend the connection range to another camera, which may be having a poor Wi-Fi signal due to the long distance to the main unit.

You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? You don’t know which features you should prioritise for your setup?

Design of the Product and its Installation

HeimVision HM243 1080P NVR Security Camera System with 12-inch LCD Monitor

HeimVision HM243 is a great security system to have especially for the newbies, who do not want to deal with messy cables.

If you want to install a simple video surveillance system for your condo, you can definitely add HM243 to your checklist.

CA01 camera does not have audio capability, so if you looking for a Wi-Fi camera with bidirectional audio, you may need to check our HM311 review here.

Even though the HM243 is a Wi-Fi system which has a flexible setup, it is not 100% wireless. The security cameras are required to be plugged into the wall outlet before they can work.

It is also important to note that the HM243 security system does not come with a hard drive, this means you have to buy and install a surveillance grade hard drive before video playback can be achievable. The acceptable maximum size is 6TB.

HeimVision had already paired the security cameras with the NVR before shipment, so you don’t have to repeat the process.

Installation and setup generally take less than 30 minutes but could take more depending on the user.

Find your preferred location and install your camera with the Wi-Fi antenna correctly attached, ensure the installation height is not more than 8 feet to get full facial details.

Use the included wall anchor to attach your camera to the brick wall, or ordinary screws to mount it to a soffit.

In order to maintain a good Wi-Fi signal between the cameras and the NVR unit, ensure you follow the below rules on camera distance:

  • 30 meters with a clear line of sight
  • 10 – 20 meters if you have a single wall
  • 10 – 15 meters if you have two walls

Failure to follow the rules may result in an intermittent disconnection between the camera(s) and the main unit.

Power the cameras with the respective power adapters. Connect the USB mouse to the NVR, the Ethernet cable to the internet router or modem, raise the two Wi-Fi antennae, and finally connect NVR to the wall outlet via the power adapter.

The NVR should only take less than 10 seconds to discover the cameras. If for any reason a particular camera is not coming up, you may need to refer to the rules on camera distance.

Follow the setup wizard to set your password and configure the necessary information if necessary.

To configure the remote view access is a piece of cake. After you have connected the main unit to the internet router, right-click the mouse to show the main menu bar and click a fast network.

The network status will show Healthy Network if the internet connection has been established.

Then head over to your respective mobile app store and install HeimKits. It is available both in Apple Store and Google Play.

login page app heimkit

Login into the app or click register and get yourself an account, tap on the “+” symbol at the top right of the app.

Why setting up the app, make sure your smartphone is connected to the same network that the NVR is.

Then tap “Kit” and the NVR cloud ID will be automatically populated in the Cloud ID box, assign a device name and fill your password as you rightly did on the NVR if any.

Heimlife setup

Finally tap “Complete” at the top corner to finish the process.

Your device should now be added and ready to be watched by only tapping the play button.



User Experience and Performance

HeimVision HM243 1080P NVR Security Camera System

The installation is pretty much easier than expected, and it didn’t take long for all the cameras to show up on the NVR’s LCD display.

The only challenge you could face is the connection of the camera to the wall outlet, if your wall outlet is far from the security camera, you could order a 30-feet power adapter extension cable from HeimVision.

Many users appreciated the little time it took them to set up the entire system and were also happy to have security cameras that provide a stunning image.

Conversely, some users also expressed their mixed feelings over the setup that took a longer time than expected and the poorly written instruction manual which was not helpful. They had their issues resolved after writing to support over the email.

HeimKits App

HeimKits App

HeimKits app is supported on iOS and Android devices. The app is responsive.

Unfortunately, the app does not support two-factor authentication (2FA) that could prevent unauthorized access to your HeimVision account.

The app permits you to share your device with family members, in case you are not available to attend to the notification alerts.

What’s in the box?

what's in the box

Both the tools and accessories needed to set up and mount the HeimVision HM243 Wi-Fi security camera system are included in the package.


  • 1x 8CH 1080P Wi-Fi NVR + 12 inch LCD Monitor
  • 4x 1080P Full HD Day/Night Vision IP Camera + 5dBi Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 4x 10Feet Power Adapter for Security Camera
  • 1x 3.3Feet Power Adapter for NVR
  • 4x CCTV Decal
  • 4x Hard Drive Screw
  • 1x USB Mouse
  • 4x Package of Screws, Anchors, and Allen Wrench for Camera’s Installation
  • 4x IP Camera Connector Shield
  • 1x Quick Start Guide


  • The NVR can be expanded with an additional four IP cameras
  • The HDMI port at the rear of NVR can be used to connect extra display monitor
  • Both the NVR and cameras’ power adapters have ferrite core which is useful to prevent electromagnetic interference
  • The NVR uses a storage hard drive which allows you to prioritize your own video files
  • The cameras produced a clear image in pitch black condition, and the picture is not washed-out by the infrared LEDs


  • The camera does not support the storage card. In the event of NVR theft, there is no means of video retrieval
  • The NVR does not have an e-SATA port to connect the external storage box for expansion, since the cloud storage is not supported
  • The camera power adapter cable is only 10feet which is considered too short
  • The security camera does not have audio

The Warranty

HM243 1080P Wi-Fi security camera system is covered with a  two year limited warranty, and 1-month refund policy.

Only purchases made directly from HeimVision online stores are eligible for refunds. If you had made your purchase through a vendor other than HeimVision, you need to contact such vendor for a refund.

Items must remain in their original package to avoid rejection by HeimVision.

HeimVision may also request a valid proof of purchase before the refund is granted, so make sure you keep your proof of purchase at all times.

The Final Verdict

We are glad you finally made it to this point

Just as securing what you love most is important, going with a Wi-Fi system comes with a major flaw and that is Wi-Fi intermittent signal disconnection.

Is this system for you?

If you are planning to have 24/7 protection, we will strongly advise you to go with the HM541 PoE camera system.

But if you just need to view your front porch or driveway, you can go with the HM243 camera system. You need to make sure the cameras aren’t far from the main unit.

Subsequently, HM243 only provides basic security and can’t be used as business-grade gear. It lacks some professional features such as alarm input devices (PIR motion sensor, door lock), e-SATA port, and so on.

For intense security, HM243 can’t be relied on due to its drawbacks. Thus, we suggest you go with Reolink security camera system.