HeimVision HM245 camera review

Is HeimVision’s full security camera system the HM245 really the best budget system for beginners? By the end of this review you’ll know whetther or not HM245 is the security sytem you need.

hm245 overview
3 stars rating


The four cameras included in the system are impressive in a budget system but the DVR included could definitely benefit from an upgrade.

4.5 stars rating


The price of the HM245 is very affordable and is perfect for a small business or home owner.

3 stars rating


The installation was relatively easily but cable management took a lot of time and we had to use a third-party app in order to remotely view the footage.

2 stars rating


Heimvision doesn’t provide phone support. We experienced delays when using the live and email support provided. 



Dual Display: With the HM245 system you use HDMI or VGA.


Relatively easy setup: Even though this is an analogue system, it is very easy to set up and contains a clear set-up guide provided that you know how to manage cables.


Field Of View : Incredible wide angle perfect for car parks.


Night vision technology: Clearer imagery in poor lighting when compared to previous HeimVision devices. 


2 Way Audio: The HM311 uses a speaker system to omit audio remotely.


Remote access Access your footage on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox


Advanced motion detection technology:  You can customise the motion grid and human shape detection to reduce false alarms.



Audio limitation: Does not support two-way audio.


Lacks Features: No PTZ, no cloud storage, and no two-way store.


Third-Party App: Unfortunately, the HM245 does not use the HeimLink app.


Disappointing DVR: The DVR has no e-Sata point, no alarm input/output, and came with no hard drive.

Unboxing the Heimvision HM245

heimvision hm245 what's in the box

The Heimvision 245 system arrived within the estimated delivery which was a little slow but this is to be expected when ordering from China.

The system came well-packaged and well-secured with plastic and paper protection making transit damage unlike.

The whole system came in a single box, inside we found:

  • 1x 8CH 5MP Lite DVR: The DVR appears to be where HeimVision cheapened out on this system. There is no option for cloud storage and doesn’t come with a hard drive. That being said the DVR is decent for the price and does have some decent features such as remote access.
  • 4x 1080p Full HD Security Camera: The four cameras that come with the HM245 are quite durable and have advanced technology that even some IP cameras don’t have. The cameras boast a 110-degree viewing angle which is especially useful in a smaller system with fewer cameras.
  • 4x 60FT Video/Power Cable: The amount of cable was perfect for the system we were setting up. It is unlikely that you will need extension cables unless you have a very large property.  
  • 2x Power Adapter (Cameras and DVR):
  • 1x USB Mouse: A relatively low-quality, cheap-appearing mouse. Although this little extra is appreciated w would have preferred a hard drive with the DVR.
  • 1x 3FT Ethernet Cable: You’ll likely need an extension for the ethernet cable depending on the locattion of the security cameras. 
  • 4x Screw and Anchor Package (Cameras): Believe it or not, not all systems come with all the anchors or screws that you need to install so this was greatly appreciated.
HeimVision hm311 in night

The Warranty

HeimVision’s warranty for the HM245 is within standards. If you aren’t satisfied with the system you can request a refund within the first month of purchase provided you purchased directly from HeimVision and have proof of purchase. The system comes with a 2-year limited warranty that you can use if there is a fault with the device.

Installation Review

hm245 heimvision design


Asides from the need of a hard drive, the H245 comes with everything you need for installation and system. With the manual along with multiple video tutorials, you should be able to install this system without any issues. That being said, this isn’t a wireless system  and with all the cable management involved it took us over an hour to install the HM245 system. If you aren’t familar with cable installations this might get frustrating. 

Xmeye App

xmeye app

We were quite disappointed when we discovered that the HM245 isn’t compatible with the Heim Link app. Although using a third party doesn’t necessarily slow down the setup time, HeimVison has no control over the quality of the application.

Xmeye is one of the more popular apps that is compatible with the system. All you have to do is install it from the Google Play or Apple Store and create an account.


xmeye app
xmeye app

Some users have complained that the XMEye app is quite slow and buffers quite frequently. Although we didn’t encounter it ourselves you might have to choose a different app if your phone is a little outdated or slow.