HeimVision HM302 camera review

As long as safety is paramount, every homeowner should be able to treat home security as their top priority.

Whilst home security can be achieved in many ways, security camera remains the most widely used because it always acts as your watchdog even when you are not home.

Video surveillance can be made a simple or complex system, whichever way you want it to be, ensure you select a matching security camera for your application.

Our team of experts at SafeBusy is committed to bringing you reliable security gear that you can use to protect your home, children, an elderly one, and pets.

In today’s HeimVision review, we are going to be analyzing the HM302 3MP smart camera from Shenzhen VanTop Technology & Innovation Co., Ltd.

So sit back and get along with the review.

HM302 3MP HD wireless camera is another popular brand of the HeimVision product line. HM302 is a budget-friendly security camera.


4 stars rating

A robotic head security camera designed with state of the art technology to provide true security.

4.5 stars rating

HM302 is a budget-friendly security camera.


4.5 stars rating

Setup is easy and it is do-it-yourself.


3 stars rating

Technical support is provided through email and Facebook live chat. Support is also provided within the community forum section of the HeimVision website.

We Like


Supports Amazon Alexa


2K video resolution


Two-way audio


Supports multi-user sharing


Supports desktop client


Supports cloud service


Consumes less than 7-watts of power

We Don’t Like

Does not have PIR motion sensor


HeimVision is using third party app


The app lacks 2FA


Does not offer free cloud storage


Does not support 5GHz

Summary: HM302 3MP HD wireless camera helps you to keep an eye on your home, pets, kids, family members, or nanny. The shinning black finish on the HM302 is spectacular.

Main Features of HM302 3MP HD wireless camera

  • 3MP HD Resolution
  • 110° Wide Angle Glass Lens
  • 6mm Focal Length
  • 4X Digital Zoom
  • Smart Tracking
  • Pan-Tilt Control
  • Face, Sound, and Motion Detection
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Local and Cloud storage
  • Smart Home Integration

Overview of this HeimVision Security Camera

heimvision hm302

One of the important features of a security camera is the ability to capture a detailed image, which means you must have a high-resolution camera to achieve this.

Thankfully, HM302 comes with 3MP HD resolution which has better quality than the regular 1080p, and it is able to record at 25FPS.

FPS (frames per second) is how many single still images that can be captured in a second, it means HM302 can capture 25 video frames in a second and provides a smoother video.

If you are looking to capture detail and stunning image, then you don’t need to look further, HM302 will do just that.

Smart tracking will track a moving object when enabled, if the camera senses movement via its image sensor, it will automatically follow the object until it is out of range. But this feature could shorten the lifespan of the HM302 when it is always used.

A PTZ camera is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. HM302 can pan up to 350° horizontally, and tilt 100° vertically so that you don’t have a blind spot in your home. If you would love to learn more about our reviewed PTZ cameras, click here.

HM302 has a wide-angle lens of 110° that will enable the camera to provide a wide coverage area. Also, the 3.6mm focal length contributes to the wide viewing angle that HM302 provides.

HeimVision HM302 has 4X digital zoom that comes in handy especially when you need to close in on a subject. Even though the zoom is not optical, there is no noticeable loss of image quality on HM302 when you zoom up to 4X.

HM302 features artificial intelligent functions such as sound, face, and motion. These features are used to reduce false alarms. Sound detection can be used if you want to monitor your baby.

Motion detection feature can be used to cut down a considerable amount of storage used for video recording. Your security camera will only record when movement is triggered.

The artificial intelligent functions will make the effective alarm more accurate.

Infrared night vision is another important feature you don’t want to miss on your security camera, it provides a light source for the camera whenever there is low or no light.

HM302 has an in-built infrared LED which provides light for the security camera even in the pitch-dark situation. HM302 is able to capture black and white images up to 32feet distance.

The two-way audio uses advanced audio coding and professional noise reduction technology. You can have a filtered background noise bidirectional conversation with people at the other end, through the inbuilt audio microphone and speaker. Having a conversation with your nanny, kids, parent, or pets in real-time just got easier.

You get to choose your own storage location between the local and cloud storage, the local storage can accept up to 128GB of micro SD card. You can also get solace in the cloud by subscribing to one of the affordable plans.

The smart home integration allows you to sync your HM302 to Amazon Alexa. This way, you can ask Alexa to show your camera’s live feed on Tablet, Fire TV, Echo Show, or Echo Spot. You literally just have to use your voice.

You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? You don’t know which features you should prioritise for your setup?

Design of the Product and its Installation

heimvision hm302 design

HeimVision HM302 2K resolution Wi-Fi camera is thoughtfully built with the love of the users at heart. It contains numerous features that are considered useful and overall, it is aesthetically pleasing.

HM302 is one of the best smart security cameras on the market, it is budget-friendly regardless of the advanced functions.

Setup does not take much time, unbox your package and get your HM302 alongside with the USB power brick and cable.

Head over to your respective mobile app store and install the MIPC, which is the official app for the HeimVision HM302 smart PTZ camera.

The app QR codes for iOS and Android are also printed on the camera box, you can easily scan your respective device.

Launch the app and sign in to begin the setup process. If you do not have an account, then sign up and be sure to verify the account from the email that you used during registration.

Grant the app necessary permissions in order to work as intended.

MIPC app installation


Tap the “+” at the top left to select your device type, then tap “PTZ Cameras


heimlife app installation guide


Next up, add the device ID located at the bottom of HM302 by scanning the QR code, and wait until your mobile device finds the information.

Proceed by clicking on the “Add” button and choose your network method between Wi-Fi and Ethernet Cable.

If you plan to record to local storage, go ahead and insert a micro SD card, once you are done with that, plug in the security camera to the wall outlet.

Wait patiently for the camera to make a water drop sound and press the “Next” icon to advance to the next page.

You need to press the reset button at the back of the camera for 1 second and release it, then you will hear a voice prompt afterward saying “waiting for receiving wireless config information”, go ahead and tap the “Already heard the voice hint” button.

At this stage, make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same wireless network that you want your HM302 to sit on. And you should only connect to the 2.4GHz wireless network.

Select your 2.4GHz wireless network and enter the corresponding password, hit “Next” and HM302 will connect.

The app will prompt you to set a password for the security camera, go ahead and enter a strong combination and click “Apply”.

Next, give your device a name, then select your time zone on the next page and tap “Ok” to finally complete the setup.

Take your time to navigate the app to familiarize yourself with all the key features.


User Experience and Performance

heimvision hm302 packaging

Setup was super easy and straightforward with the help of the in-app instructions. The whole setup and installation of the HM302 security camera shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Many verified users appreciated the low price point and the 2k resolution which was able to produce crystal clear images.

They also love the smart home integration feature that will also help them to use Alexa to interact with HM302. They wished HM302 had remained in the HeimVision app instead of downloading a third-party app.

However, there were users who also registered their ordeal on how HM302 could not work for them. It turned out that some users expected HM302 to work on their 5GHz wireless network, whilst others were having a poor wireless signal issue.

A simple wireless range extender could have just helped in such a situation.


MIPC app

MIPC is a third-party app that is widely recognized in the video surveillance industry. This app has had 500,000+ installs on Google Play, whilst that of iOS is unknown.

The app requires you to have iOS 8.0 or later to run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app has a poor performance rating of 2.8 of 5.0.

Whilst on Android, the app requires Android 4.4 or later to run. The performance rating is not very much better than that of iOS, 3.0 out of 5.0.

MIPC is not limited to a mobile device, it can also be installed on Windows PC and Mac.

How safe is your data?

HeimVision does not own or have any control over the MIPC app, this means your data is not being handled by HeimVision in any way. 

Even though HeimVision assures 256-bit AES encryption on your data, you may still need to read the MIPC disclaimer to understand how your privacy is being treated.

It will be in the best interest if HeimVision could stay off the third-party route as this could discourage its users.

What’s in the box?

heimvision 3002 what's in the box

HeimVision included the necessary accessories in the package.


  • 1x HM302 3MP Smart Wi-Fi Camera
  • 1x Camera Mount (Wall/Ceiling)
  • 1x Screw Package
  • 1x LAN Cable
  • 1x Power Adapter with Cord
  • 1x User Manual


  • The camera delivers crystal clear picture during the day and noise-free black/white image in the night
  • The camera is built with state of the art hardware
  • It supports local and cloud storage and both can be used at the same time. The local storage can be up to 128GB, the cloud storage also has affordable plans
  • If you are affected by the internet speed, you can switch between 3MP, Standard, Smooth, and Auto for video fluency during the live stream
  • HM302 camera can be zoomed up to 4 times to view your image in a great detail
  • The cloud storage server uses strong encryption to secure your data from hackers
  • The security camera is built with artificial intelligence that can make alarm notifications be more effective.
  • You can easily flip the image if you install the camera upside down


  • MIPC does not have two-factor authentication (2FA), if your mobile is lost or stolen, your MIPC could be in danger if you forgot to log out
  • The camera mount should have been made out of a steel/aluminum material, the plastic will snap over time
  • The cloud storage is not handled by HeimVision but MIPC which is a third party
  • HM302 does not use a battery neither does it run 100% wireless, you still need to plug the camera to a wall outlet to get power

The Warranty

HeimVision HM302 3MP HD smart Wi-Fi is covered with a two-year limited warranty and a month refund policy for non-quality related issues starting from the first day of purchase.

Only purchases made directly from HeimVision online stores are eligible for refunds. If your purchase was made through a vendor other than HeimVision, you need to contact such a vendor for a refund.

Items bought must remain in their original package to avoid being rejected by HeimVision.

HeimVision may also request a valid proof of purchase before the refund can be granted, so make sure you keep the proof of purchase with you at all times.

It is important to know that HeimVision does not cover the following under its warranty:

  • Products without sufficient proof of purchase
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Damage from misuse of products

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for an effective security camera to protect your family members, kids, pets, and parents, trying out HeimVision HM302 is never a bad choice.

The 3MP smart Wi-Fi camera is a low budget that is best for indoor applications. Due to its design, it can’t be used for outdoor applications.

If you want your front porch to be constantly monitored, you might need to check the HMD2

Feel free to ask your questions by using the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.