Hiseeu 8 Channel Security Camera Review

One of the safest means to have your home or private business directly under your watch is by employing a video surveillance system.

Many times, prospective users who are looking to install their first home surveillance prefer to choose wireless security cameras, due to the seamless experience in connection.

Unlike wired security cameras, the user does not have to run complex cables to install their security cameras.

In today’s article, we will analyze Hiseeu wireless security kit, a product line of Shenzhen Hiseeu Technology Company which is now gaining recognition amongst users worldwide.

Hiseeu Technology 4 wireless security cameras

Shenzhen Hiseeu Technology Co. is one of the leading developer and manufacturer of surveillance equipment for many years in China, but not so popular in the Western and European markets.

Their service includes but not limited to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer).

Their years of experience in technology, product, and market research has really made them understand the constraints many users face. They were driven to find the missing link and included it on their products.

Hiseeu 8 channel NVR 4 camera wireless kit has got exciting features to offer new and existing users, with the ability to expand their security cameras when the need arises.


Hiseeu will provide basic and important features that are needed to keep your premise or personal business secured, even when you are not there.


It is a good bargain.


This is completely do it yourself security kit.


Technical support is reachable via the email (johnny@hiseeu.com). Users can also search the FAQ of the homepage for some quick fix.

We Like

960p resolution


IP66 weatherproof casing


Stable wireless signal


1TB hard drive pre-installed


Antenna booster

We Don’t Like

No audio support on the NVR nor the cameras


NVR has only 1 USB port


Cloud service is not supported


No detailed setup instruction


Cameras are not ONVIF compatible

Summary: Hiseeu 4 camera wireless kit is ideal for users, who are just looking for a budget security system to protect their home or private business. It can also be used on a full-fledged by expanding the cameras to 8 channels to cover more locations.

Main Features of the Hiseeu Wireless Home Security System

  • 1080p Full HD NVR
  • 960p 1.3 Megapixels Wireless Camera
  • Focal length of 3.6mm
  • 264+ Video Compression
  • 1TB Pre-installed Surveillance Grade Hard Drive
  • Viewing Angle of 75°
  • Up to 65ft in Complete Darkness
  • IP66 Compliant
  • Motion Detection
  • Remote Viewing
You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? You don’t know which features you should prioritise for your setup?

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Hiseeu Weatherproof Surveillance Camera

Each one of the cameras is capable of delivering a 960p resolution. Side by side comparison with a 720p camera makes 960p has more resolution to offer. A 960p resolution will deliver 1.3 megapixels, whilst 720p will only offer 1.0 megapixels.

With a focal length of 3.6mm, nothing can go unnoticed as the camera is able to capture almost what is on its 75° field of view. The principle behind focal length is, the lower the focal length – the wider the field of view.

The improved H.264+ video compression has simplified the way video is compressed on the hard drive. Unlike the old H.264 codec, the updated H.264+ is able to process video efficiently thereby reducing a considerable amount of bandwidth and storage used.

Type of hard drive used in video surveillance application is also a crucial factor to consider. Hiseeu wireless NVR is pre-installed with 1 terabyte surveillance grade hard drive.

With the H.264+ video codec built into the logic board, 20 days of continuous video storage is assured with 4 units of 960p camera recording on a daily basis.

Also, the storage hard drive can be upgraded to a maximum of 6TB in order to record many months of video clips.

Another important feature of a security camera is the ability to capture night footage without the reliance on additional lighting. If your existing security camera won’t produce a night vision footage, maybe it is time to get it replaced.

Hiseeu wireless camera is able to see up to 65feet distance in complete darkness. Whether you forgot to turn on the perimeter light before going to bed, the built-in powerful SMD infrared LED will enable the camera to capture night mode regardless.

The IP rating is also a really important feature to consider when selecting a security camera for your video application. Those digits behind the IP (Ingress Protection) mean something. The higher the ingress protection value, the more the camera is able to withstand dust and water impact.

IP66 rating on Hiseeu will keep the camera protected from flying dust, falling water, and humidity. The camera enclosure is securely sealed to prevent any undesirable objects from impacting the electronic circuit.

The motion detection on the NVR gives the user the opportunity to record clips, only when the camera detects movement across its lens. This way, users will be able to save more storage space since the NVR will not record any useless footage.

There is a built-in P2P technology on Hiseeu wireless NVR, which enables you to remotely connect to your security device.

Design of the Product and its Installation

Hiseeu Wireless Home Security System Main Features

Hiseeu wireless security is a suitable gear to have due to its flexibility in installation. This product is carefully designed and built to solve most of the complaints users do have from using other brands.

The installation and setup are very easy and could take a maximum of 30 minutes, even if you are doing this for the first time.

Here’s a quick resume of the installation process:


  • You don’t need to pair the cameras with the NVR, it has already been paired before the shipment.
  • Start by selecting appropriate locations to install your cameras, attach them to the surface with the included screws. Do not forget to screw the antenna to it, and provide an outlet for the power adapter.
  • Make sure you do not exceed 30 meters from the base station (NVR) to each camera to avoid weak signal.
  • Connect the display monitor of your choice to either of the video display ports of the NVR.
  • Connect the included mouse to the USB port.
  • Plug the 3 feet Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the NVR, and the other end to your router.

Time for you to power up the NVR, connect the adapter to the NVR and finally to the outlet. Allow the splash screen to come up, this may take up to 1 minute to boot up.

You will be presented with language option, select the appropriate one and select auto. Follow the on-screen instruction to the end.

Setting up the remote view is relatively easy. Head over to your respective mobile app store and install IP Pro3. Register an account on the app and proceed to add your cloud ID, which is displayed on the bottom right corner of your NVR.

Hiseeu Wireless Home Security System App Install

Input the number into the app’s cloud ID box, enter your username and password if you have already set it up on the NVR. Otherwise, leave the password field blank.

Hiseeu Wireless Home Security System App Install 2
Hiseeu Wireless Home Security System App Install 3

User Experience and Performance of Hiseeu Surveillance System

Hiseeu 4 cameras setup performance

The setup was straightforward. The embedded plug-n-play technology really simplified the process.

Users expressed their gratitude towards this product, many of them even said they will be happy to recommend to friends and loved ones.

No one actually complained except few users who received dead on arrival devices. All the feedback we got from verified users proofed Hiseeu is doing great, and may soon hit a big spot in the market.

One of the shortcomings Hiseeu has is the installation and setup guide that is not detailed, I believed they can easily improve on this.

The mobile app also works flawlessly, it is very intuitive and bug-free. It connects directly to your NVR device without any delay. The app is being patched regularly by its developers.

What’s in the Box?

Hiseeu 4 Wireless Security Cameras package

All the accessories needed to install and setup Hiseeu wireless security surveillance were included in the box.


  • 1x 8CH H.264+ Wireless NVR
  • 1x Pre-Installed 1TB Surveillance Grade Hard Drive
  • 4x 960p 1.3 MP Day/Night Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras
  • 4x 10ft Power Adapter for Security Cameras
  • 1x 3ft Power Supply for NVR
  • 1x Generic USB Mouse
  • 4x Set of Screws and Allen Wrench
  • 1x 3M 9DB Extension Antenna
  • 2x CCTV Warning Stickers
  • 1x 3ft Network Cable
  • 1x HDMI Cable
  • 1x User Manual

The Advantages

  • The picture is crisp, night vision is also great.

  • The NVR storage can be upgraded to 6TB.

  • The NVR can be paired with OOSSXX and Zosi wireless cameras.
  • Each of the cameras has a built-in Wi-Fi extender, that can be used as a daisy-chain to boost other camera’s weak signal.

  • Hiseeu supports PC client and mobile app, the user is not limited to one.

  • The NVR has a built-in Wi-Fi to connect the cameras, additional Wi-Fi is not needed.

The Disadvantages

  • The cameras and the NVR do not support audio microphone.
  • Hiseeu does not support cloud storage.
  • The wireless NVR only has one hard drive bay.
  • The NVR and cameras are not ONVIF compatible.
  • Cameras are not PoE.
  • Only one USB is available which is not good enough, especially when you have to use a pen drive for video backup and USB mouse at the same time.
  • The instruction manual has a language barrier.

About The Warranty

Hiseeu provides a 1 – year warranty which also includes free parts replacement and lifetime technical support on their products bought from any of their official vendors.

They also have a return policy of 30 days. If you don’t like their product, you can return it for free before the 30 days elapsed.

The Final Verdict

New brands are emerging every day, it is important to do thorough research on any product you want to buy. A home security solution should be treated as an investment.

You wouldn’t want to acquire a product that will not have your back whenever things go wrong.

Part of what you should ensure you know is the resolution of your cameras, the capacity of the DVR or NVR you are choosing for the video application.

Your DVR or NVR should be able to withstand the cameras being installed on it without resulting to lag.

I hope you have learned something about Hiseeu wireless security system, if you have any question or suggestion, please comment below.