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Choose your Security Camera System carefully.

We are a team of experienced specialists in the security camera business that can guide you through every steps of choosing and installing the best solution for your.

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We create guides and share tips to properly secure your home.

Choose the best Surveillance Camera System for your property.

We created for you the perfect buyer guide to help you choose the best Security Camera System for your property.

What makes a good security camera?

Today’s security cameras offer a wide range of high tech features and it is sometimes difficult to know which ones to prioritize.


At SCR, we continuously strive to make CCTV surveillance product users’ experience a breeze. We have decided to come up with answers to many of the frequently asked questions on CCTV surveillance system.

meet Our Team
Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Specialist | Reseller

I’m a specialist and reseller in the Security Camera business since 2004. I have been servicing South Florida and I provide advice and information to the public and system operators about the effective, appropriate, proportionate and transparent use of surveillance camera systems.

James Colins

James Colins

Founder | Reseller

Established in the safety business and espacially experienced in the Security Camera Systems area of expertise, I’ve decided back in 2012 to create SCR (Security Camera Reviewer) to help the average consumer to understand the different aspects of safety monitoring.

Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson


I got my Electronic Engineering Technology Degree in early 2016 and met James back in 2015 during a Summer formation in Florida. My interests in camera functionment and automation allowed me to work in different fields and I’m now happy to work as an engineer at SCR (Security Camera Reviewer).

About us

After spending years working in the safety business, the creation of a website that could help the average customer desiring to secure his home felt natural. For us, helping people to live in a more secure environment was a priority. This is why we are only recommending quality equipments that perfectly fit your home or business without spending extra dollars on extra fees or useless extra tools. With deep-seated roots in the Southern California area, and a reputation for excellent customer service, the entire Team welcomes you on SecurityCameraReviewer.com.