How long does a wireless security camera batteries last

How long your wireless security cameras will last before needing to be recharged depends on the power drawn from the security camera and the size (mAH) of the battery itself. That being said most security camera batteries (for wireless cameras) last somewhere between one and five years. Security cameras that have wired power but a backup battery in case of a power outage often last about 12 hours.

Why your security camera battery isn’t lasting long.

If you find yourself having to recharge your batteries quite often there are a number of reasons why, such as:

  1. Low Battery Capacity: The most likely reason for your wireless security camera not lasting very long is its low battery capacity. Security cameras often need 200 or more Ampheres. 10000 MaH batteries simply won’t do. Thankfully you can often replace the battery in your camera with one of a higher capacity. 
  2. No Motion Detection: If your camera doesn’t have motion detection it will be recording 24/7 and this will drain more power. 
  3. Temperature: Colder temperatures past -7 degrees celsius can increase battery usage by 50%.
  4. Night Vision: Night vision security cameras use additional technology that will reduce your security camera’s battery life.