How much is a security camera?

A single security camera can cost you anywhere from 20 dollars to 200 dollars depending on the features of the device.


The higher the resolution of the security camera, the higher the cost. Here are some examples of security cameras with different resolutions and their respective price.

IP Security Cameras

Unlike CCTV cameras, Internet Protocol security cameras use a network to transfer audio and video and the benefits come with a higher price point. It’s important to note that there are pros and cons to using CCTV cameras. Take a look at the table to see some samples for both the cost of a CCTV camera vs Ip camera.

Lens Size

The lens size is a key factor in the price of a security camera. Typically the larger the lens the more expensive the security camera. Here are some examples:


Pan, tilt, and Zoom cameras can move around and help prevent blind spots. Although these security cameras typically come at higher price points using ptz cameras can reduce the number of cameras you need and hence reduce your overall cost for a full security camera system.