How to delete security camera footage

How you delete your security camera footage depends on how your security footage was recorded.

Deleting footage from an SD Card

  1. Remove the SD card from your security camera.
  2. Insert your SD card into an adapter.
  3. Connect your SD card to your PC and select the device using your file manager.
  4. You can select and delete certain clips or if you prefer all of the footage the same way you would delete a file from you pc.
  5. You can now disconnect your SD card from your PC, remove it from the adapter and reconnect it to your PC.

Deleting footage from a DVR / NVR

If your DVR or NVR is connected to a monitor and you want to wipe all footage:

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Select the disk management and choose the formatting option. By formatting the hard drive you will wipe all memory on the device.

If you want to delete specific footage or don’t have a monitor:

  1. If your DVR or NVR uses an external hard drive simply disconnect it and connect it to your pc via a USB port. If your device uses an internal hard drive you will need to purchase a hard driver adapter.
  2. Once you have connected your hard drive to your PC, select the external device from your file management system.
  3. Find the desired files you wish to remove and delete them the same way you would normally delete a file from your PC.
  4. Dismount the hard drive from your PC and reconnect it to your video recorder.

Deleting footage from the Cloud

  1. Open the app associated with the security cameras you use.
  2. Log into the app with the account linked to the system.
  3. Go to the recording section and tap on the video you want to delete.
  4. Then simply touch the delete icon to remove the footage.