How to tell if security cameras have audio

Figuring out wherever or not your security cameras have audio is quite simple and there are a number of ways you can do it.

Search online

Look at the back of your security camera for a serial number or take a look at the product package to find the exact make and model of your device. Make a quick search online, any store or marketplace will tell you whether your security camera has audio recording capabilities in their product specifications. 

Check the Wires

If you can’t find your make or model try checking the wires. Coaxial cables are most common amongst traditional CCTV and do not support audio.  Hybrid coaxial cameras on the other hand do record audio. Most IP cameras use ethernet cables that do support audio.

Look for a microphone

The most obvious way to determine if your security cameras have audio is by looking for a microphone. Sometimes security cameras have external microphones. Other times microphones are built into the camera itself so look for a tiny hole. Usually, internal microphones are near the top or bottom of the lens. If your security camera has speaker holes this is also a clear indicator of audio capability.