How to use an echo show as a security camera

Echo shows have a prebuilt feature that allows you to easily use the device as a security camera.

All you need to use an echo show as a security camera is:

  1. An amazon echo show.
  2. An Alexa.

Despite Amazon Shows generally being used for video calls, you can transform the device into a surveillance device in 5 steps.

Step 1:

Position your amazon show to capture footage in your desired location. 

Step 2:

On your Amazon Show display, swipe down and select the settings icon.

Step 3: 

In your settings, choose the “Camera” option.

Step 4:

Toggle the “Home Monitoring” option on. This will keep your device recording

Step 5:

When you choose to switch “Home Monitoring” device a pop-up message will appear requesting confirmation. Once you confirm, that you are happy to allow members of your household access live footage of the Amazon Show with the Alexa app you will need to log in to your Amazon account to confirm your identity.

 Once you have successfully logged into your Amazon account you can now use your Amazon Echo Show as a security camera!