Using a GoPro as a security camera is a simple and cost-effective solution to securing your home.  

All you need is:

  1. A GoPro
  2. A smart phone or tablet to use the GoPro app.
  3. A USB cable to keep the device charged.
  4. A tripod to keep the GoPro stable.

Step 1:

Mount your Go Pro on your tripod. Decide the spot that you think would be best to record. This might be at your front door, the hallway or perhaps a window. Place the Go Pro at the desired location. Turn the GoPro on, and check the footage to make sure it is positioned correctly.

Step 2:

Install the GoPro app on your smartphone and tablet. Follow the instructions that came with your GoPro to connect it to a new device.

Step 3: 

Open your GoPro settings and set your camera to loop in your capture setting; this will ensure that your camera is always recording. Keep in mind that the storage size of your SD card is important, low capacity SD cards will only be able to record 15 minutes of security footage before they begin to overwrite. 

Step 4:

Be sure to set your GoPro to a high resolution such as 1080P and the frame rate to around thirty frames per second. You can also choose a 720P resolution to save on storage space.

Step 5:

If you want to be discreet about your GoPro surveillance you can switch off the LED lights and deactivate the sound. If you decide to switch off the lighting, adjust your settings to allow for low light recording and set a higher iso.

Step 6:

Connect your GoPro to a power source via a USB cable. Depending on the location of your GoPro and the nearest power outlet you might need a power outlet.

Step 7:

Lastly set your GoPro to wireless mode. You now have a GoPro that you can use as a security camera!