Q-See 8 channel home security system review

Everything in life comes with a price tag, so also is protecting your valuables requires you to choose the system that works. We will never relent at SCR to help you find the system that works best for your requirement.

Today, Q-See 8 channel 4 camera system is on the spotlight, and we will unravel the intriguing facts surrounding this amazing video surveillance system.

q see 4 security camera system

Protecting your home or business has never been easier unless using a viable means of surveillance system. Q-See delivers easy-to-use smart surveillance solutions that incorporate cutting edge technology, and enhance the lifestyles of those who use them.

Even though Q-See QC968-4DX-2 is an analog system, it uses hardware that works flawlessly with the intelligent Linux software which is easier to interact with.

Q-See QC968-4DX-2 uses H.264+, a more enhanced video compression technology which makes Q-See HD DVR system different from its counterparts, most of the analog DVR system on the market uses H.264.

Review of: Q-See 8 channel 4 camera system

Last update: 01.05.2019


A home video surveillance security kit that gives you an entire peace of mind.


Q-See home surveillance system is worth the price.


Set up is pretty easy and straightforward.


Technical support is available through live chat, telephone, email or submitting help ticket.

We Like

Supports RS485 Protocol


Multiple output interface options


IP67 weatherproof casing


3.6mm wide angle lens


Good image resolution


Supports 1 Audio input and 1 audio output

We Don’t Like

Only comes with four CCTV cameras


Camera does not have OSD joystick


Cameras do not have built-in audio microphone


The DVR does not have USB 3.0

Summary: Q-See is a great system that is highly suitable for home or business surveillance security. It uses plug-and-play for the installation and is built with a very stable technology. Furthermore, it’s an affordable system that offers valuable features.

Main Features of the Q-See Home Security System

If it’s the first time you’re considering buying a security camera system and you have no real idea which feature to prioritze, you can check our Buyer Guide and our guide about which features are important.

  • 1440p HD Resolution
  • -40°C to 60°C Temperature
  • Pre-installed 2TB Surveillance Hard Drive
  • Up to 98ft Night Vision
  • Focal Length and Wide Angle Lens of 3.6mm
  • 84.8° Field of View
  • IP67 Weatherproof Rating
  • 264+ Video Compression Technology
  • DVR Audio Microphone Input and Output
  • Multiple-Devices Viewing Simultaneously
  • Remote & Local Playback
  • RS485 PTZ Control

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

q see single bullet camera white

Q-See home surveillance system is built using an advanced CMOS chip to deliver an amazing 1440p high definition image resolution, which is twice of that of 1080p. The CMOS sensor produces color image during the day, and black & white at twilight.

This security camera system from Q-See can work under extremely low temperature of -40°C to 60°C. Leaving your outdoor cameras in a continuous hot sun or a cold blizzard will never damage them.

What is the essence of buying a video surveillance system, without having a storage drive that can hold at least 7 days of video footage? The ability for a DVR to hold high volume of video data will depend on the size of the hard drive.

Q-See QC968 HD DVR is pre-loaded with a massive 2 terabytes hard drive, which is able to hold video files for at least 15 days using 1080p resolution at 30fps, or 10 days if recording in 1440p resolution at 15fps.

Each bullet security camera comes with 18 pieces of infrared LEDs, this is enough to capture up to 98 feet of amazing image even in no light condition. Regardless of the lighting condition in the environment, Q-See cameras will be able to record black and white images that are easy to identify, even in a complete darkness.

The Q-See QCA8075B security camera comes with a short focal length of 3.6mm which is able to provide a wide viewing angle. The shorter the focal length, the wider the image produced. The built-in 84.8° lens will allow users to have a detailed depth of view without missing any important spot.

Q-See camera comes with the great ingress protection 67 that is rarely found on most surveillance cameras on the market. The camera is totally shielded against dust and the effect of immersion between 15 cm and 1 m. No matter the amount of heavy downfall or water splash, Q-See camera won’t be affected.

One of the great features of Q-See is the video compression technology adopted. It uses enhanced H.264+ to encode the recorded video. H.264+ has more encoding improvement, more transmission efficiency, and it is able to save storage space with 30% bandwidth management.

There is an audio input and output RCA ports on the HD DVR, which gives the user the opportunity to embed only one audio to any desire camera. This feature will help to expand security in home environment, with the ability to monitor the background sound as well.

The multiple display output ports at the rear of the DVR enables the user to simultaneously watch the display from the DVR using the HDMI output as well as the VGA. Whilst the DVR is placed in the user’s bedroom, the display can also be extended to the garage or any desirable place through the second VGA display port.

User gets to enjoy the dual USB ports on the DVR, the one at the front panel is usually used for video backup through pen drive, whilst the port at the rear is reserved for the USB mouse.

A video surveillance system without a remote access is not worth the effort. Q-See gives user the remote access needed to view the live stream or playback the recorded videos of their home or office, through smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Whether you are on a train, bus or even a plane, QC view mobile app lets you keep an eye on what matters the most for you.

The ability to control a Pan Tilt Zoom camera with a DVR is why Q-See home security is worth the price. You can add a PTZ camera together with the existing cameras to have a fully secured environment. PTZ camera enables you to patrol your environment manually or automatically.

The PTZ camera can also be controlled from a remote location, making it very easier to have a seamless connection and control of your entire home or business via the mobile app.

You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? We made a great infographic that details everything for you.

Design of the Product and its Installation

Q-See DVR back connectors

Q-See home surveillance bundle is an analog HD system but nevertheless, it is a trusted security system that can have your back any day and at any time. There is no complexity in the installation, you don’t even need to read any user guide to get started.

Get the package unboxed, bring out your security cameras and the included 60 feet cables, find the best appropriate locations and place them. Make sure you properly hid the cables from prying eyes to avoid any potential danger. Connect the BNC male connector on each cable to the BNC female connector on each camera.

Proceed to connect the other BNC end of the 60 feet cable to the respective BNC female port, at the rear of the Q-See DVR. Connect your preferred monitor to the display port, but we recommend the HDMI port over the VGA due to its HD image resolution and audio support.

Hook up one end of the Cat5 Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of the DVR, and other end to the internet enabled router or ISP modem.

Use the power splitter cable to feed DC power to cameras with the camera power adapter. Connect the HD DVR with its power adapter and connect all the equipment to the power outlet.

Startup the Q-See HD DVR by turning on the power switch at the rear and wait for the startup wizard, follow the on-screen instruction by clicking Next, configure the System Time, Date Format, Time Format, Network Time Protocol (NTP), Language, and Day/Light Savings Time if needed.

Click on the Next Step to continue to the next page, click on the EmailSet to add your email in order for Q-See DVR to send notification alert. Enter the default Username (admin) and Password (admin), next is to add your email address in the Email field, select your security question and provide an answer.

Click on test and check your email to see if you have received an Authorization Code, enter the four digit code in the Authorization Code field and click OK.

Check the Modify Password box to change the default password, enter “admin” in the Old Password field, then enter your desired password in the New Password field and repeat the new password in the Repeat New Password field. Clicking Next Step will take you to the Network page where you will start the remote view configuration.

Under the Network page, click on Next Step and you will be presented with “Network Status and Getting IP address Success”. This clearly shows that the DVR has established a connection with the internet router, and it is ready to connect to cloud.

Next step is to click on Local & Internet and select your desire mobile platform, then click on Next Step. Let us stop here and install the mobile app first, then we will come back to finish up with the wizard.

With your smartphone, navigate to your respective app store to download Q-See QC View App.

Q-See application installation process step 1

Install and open up the Q-See QC View app, allow all the necessary permissions in order to make the app run smoothly. From the Live Preview page, tap the 3 horizontal bar [≡] at the upper left and select Device Manager.

Q-See application installation process step 2

Tap [+] sign at the upper right, select the Wired Device at the middle and tap Scan N’ View. Give your DVR a name, fill the Username and Password using the same username and password credential on the DVR. After you have filled the necessary information, tap the Scan QR code to scan the QR code located on top of your DVR.

Q-See application installation process step 3

If you cannot find the QR code on your DVR, simply right click anywhere on your DVR and go to Main Menu and click QR Code.

Once your QR code has been scanned successfully, tap the Start Live Preview to view your cameras’ live feed.

Now let us return to the DVR to finish up with the wizard by clicking Next Step, uncheck the Startup box and click OK.

User Experience and Performance

Q-See Bullet Camera white

Q-See thoughtfully designed the product to be plug and play without getting involved with any challenge whatsoever. It is not surprising to see Q-See dominating the market, their right approach speaks for them.

Q-See home surveillance is the easiest system to install in analog category. You just need to follow along with the included wizard. All the verified users of this system were all happy with it, they even went further to say “it is the best money can buy”.

What’s in the box?

Q-see security camera system - what's included

Q-See home surveillance analog bundle came with the necessary accessories needed to install the system.

  • 1 unit of Q-See QC968 Analog HD 8 Chanel DVR preloaded with 2TB Hard drive
  • 4 units of 4MP QCA8075B Outdoor Bullet Cameras
  • 4 units of 60 feet BNC Camera Cable
  • 1 unit of DVR Power Supply
  • 1 unit of Camera Power Supply
  • 1 unit of HDMI Cable
  • 1 unit of Power Splitter Cable
  • 1 unit of 2M Ethernet Cable
  • 1 unit of USB Mouse
  • A Quick Start Guide

The Advantages

  • The cameras provided have a great resolution of 1440p HD.
  • The cameras use a high weatherproof rating found strictly on expensive IP cameras on the market.
  • The HD DVR uses enhanced video compression algorithm (264+) to encode video, and to minimize the video storage size used during recording.
  • The cameras are able to zoom in to read license plate up to 50 feet during the day.
  • The cameras feel sturdy thanks to their good build quality.
  • The cameras produce brighter images at night.

The Disadvantages

  • It is unfortunate to see that Q-See HD DVR does not support alarm input and output.
  • Storage expansion through e-SATA port is not supported.
  • Cloud storage is not supported.
  • This bundle only comes with 4 bullet cameras.

About the Warranty

Q-See allows a 90 day return policy. Surprisingly, Q-See will pay the return shipping costs if the return is as a result of sending incorrect or defective item to buyer.

Also, it comes with a 2 year warranty which started from the day of purchase. If it is a reconditioned product, warranty is only 90 days from date of purchase. User also enjoys 24/7 lifetime technical support.

The Final Verdict

If you really desire to protect your valuables, then you need to take a proactive measure to install a reliable security system you can trust. A security solution that will have your back when things go wrong. Installing a Q-See home surveillance security system will re-assure your rest of mind over protecting your home or business.