Revo America 16 channel security camera system review

Protecting your home or environment with a good security system is worth the investment, like a popular saying “nobody plans to fail, but many fail to plan”. Video surveillance solution like Revo America has been proven to be a reliable means of home security solution. This type of security system allows user to have a video footage of any occurrence.

Today, we will be analysing Revo America, a U.S brand of video surveillance equipment. We shall uncover the interesting facts about Revo America, and how it can help you to setup a video surveillance system for your home or business.

Revo America Complete package

About Revo America

REVO America has been long existing in the video surveillance industry for 40 years. Its headquarters is located in Coppell, Texas. REVO America has a combined experience in video security, product manufacturing, management and product support.

REVO offers the highest quality in video surveillance equipment. Often referred to as “Professional Grade Equipment at affordable prices”, REVO has led the way with unique features that consumers love.

REVO surveillance systems are built around a platform of DVRs and NVRs that can utilize for 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 cameras. All REVO DVRs and NVRs record in realtime and offer advanced pentaplex technology. It maximizes the DVR and NVR by allowing the user to view live video, record, search, playback, back up video, and access the DVR remotely all at the same time.

REVO systems are self-installed, making REVO a true plug-and-play system. The secret is in REVO’s Quick Connect cable, a proprietary RJ12 cable that transfers video, audio and power all in one cable with no extra connections needed.

REVO’s bundled system cameras are usually a combination of discreet indoor dome cameras, and outdoor all-metal bullet style cameras both of which offer night vision. All Revo cameras feature pass-through mounting, this means once installed to a wall or ceiling, no wires are visible to be tampered with.

Review of: Revo America

Last update: 12.05.2018


A REVO home surveillance bundle with necessary kit to provide reliable security for home or business.


Quality product at fair price.


The setup is extremely easy.


They have a responsive live support to address any issue in no time. There are also helpful articles on their support page that can provide solution to any challenging situation.

We Like

Tinted dome covers


DVR supports up to 8TB with 2 hard drive bays


Gigabit Ethernet Port


3.6mm wide angle lens


Good image resolution


All cameras have built-in microphones

We Don’t Like

Only comes with eight CCTV cameras


Combination of RJ12 and BNC

Summary: Revo America 16CH DVR 8 camera bundle is the best money can buy. The surveillance kit is ideal for home, warehouse, or office. The installation is simply plug and play.

Main Features of the REVO America Surveillance System

If it’s the first time you’re considering buying a security camera system and you have no real idea which feature to prioritze, you can check our Buyer Guide and our guide about which features are important.

  • 960H Resolution
  • Pre-installed 2TB Surveillance Hard Drive
  • 100ft Night Vision
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
  • Built-in Camera Audio Microphone
  • Multiple-Devices Viewing Simultaneously
  • Remote & Local Playback
  • Multiple Alarm Input
  • Smart Alert

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Revo America Black camera with infrared leds

Revo America 16CH DVR system utilizes 960H video resolution, which is the wide screen format used in modern analog CCTV cameras. The REVO DVR5 also support 720p resolution cameras, which makes the DVR a ready to use for two different camera technology.

The pre-loaded 2 terabytes storage drive in REVO DVR5 will allow users to have all the important moments recorded. The hard drive is able to record a continuous footage for 20 days using 30 fps on full resolution. REVO America always pre-loaded their DVRs and NVRs with storage, that’s a big plus from this brand.

The 100 feet night vision feature is such an amazing infrared distance from the point of camera installation. REVO cameras are built to see clearly even in total darkness. The night vision images are bright and can equally be identified.

IP 66 weatherproof rating otherwise known as ingress protection is given to REVO outdoor cameras. The enclosures are tightly packed to block out any foreign object such as dust, and water from penetrating the camera.

One of the important features of REVO home surveillance kit is the built-in audio microphone in outdoor cameras. Apart from the visual display, you also get to monitor closely the background sound of the environment, this way you can really protect your home or business.

In order to record audio in your home or office, you need to observe the federal, state, and local laws before you implement such system. Some states in the U.S require a notice be placed informing people that audio is being recorded on your property. Failure to do this will result in wiretapping which is a punishable offence under the law.

REVO DVR5 comes with two display port, the first one which is HDMI gives amazing HD resolution and image clarity over the VGA. The HDMI on REVO DVR5 uses new technology for transmitting uncompressed video and audio data to an HDMI-compliant monitor.

The remote and local playback feature on REVO DVR allows users to watch livestream, or playback the recorded events on their DVR whilst they are away from their home or business. The app is supported on Android and iOS platforms.

REVO gives users the opportunity of connecting multiple alarm input devices such as electrical switches, to trigger the DVR for many actions. This is a rare function on other brands. An electrical switch can be connected to alarm input of REVO DVR to trigger the DVR to sound an alarm, record video, or notify when a door is either opened or closed.

Smart alert is an intelligent feature that will notify the user via alarms and email notification to ensure a peace of mind no matter where you are.

You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? We made a great infographic that details everything for you.

Design of the Product and its Installation

REVO America DVR5 back connectors

REVO DVR5 is a fifth generation home surveillance that is still doing fine on the market, with good reviews from verified users. This DVR system uses a proprietary cable called RJ12. It’s a 6P 6C which means 6 positions and 6 contacts. Let me try to explain you how does 6P 6C works?

RJ12 has 6 pinouts that are divided into 3, the first 2 wires are used for the power, second 2 wires for the video, and the last 2 wires for the audio.

To install REVO home surveillance is not challenging, the overall installation using the proprietary cable takes less than 1hour. REVO America 16CH DVR is a plug and play system which makes it easy to install.

Get your cameras out of the box and find your suitable positions, it is a best practice to place your cameras where they can get a potential identification e.g. front door.

Using the 60 feet REVO’s exclusive quick connect cable included with each camera, connect each end of the cable to the camera and the RJ12 port at the rear of the DVR, repeat the step for other cameras as well as the indoor cameras.

Connect the 12V power adapter to camera power port, connect the other 12V power adapter to power port at the rear of the DVR. Use the HDMI cable in the box to connect the 21.5 inch monitor, and connect all the power cables to the wall outlet.

Wait for the DVR to finish initializing, follow the setup prompt carefully to configure your admin password, date, and your time zone. To turn off the beep sound, simply navigate to the right position of the screen to display the menu bar, and click on the alarm icon to disable it.

If you are using a remote controller, press the alarm button, input your password or leave blank if you have not setup your password, the alarm will then be disabled.

After your cameras have correctly displayed on the video monitor, proceed to “Setup” at the right position of the screen and click on it. Click on “SYSTEM” and then “Wizard”, select “Network Wizard” from the presented options and follow through until the end.

Whilst on the same wireless network, visit your mobile app store to install the REVO mobile, REVO mobile is available on the Android market and the Apple store.

Open the app and tap the “three dot” at the top right, tap the “New site” then enter your favorite name in the “Name” box. Select the “Use DVRNS” and enter the DVRNS name you got from your DVR after the network wizard completed.

Revo America Application Installation

Enter your “User ID” and “Password” that was setup on the DVR. To connect your DVR, simply touch your recorder’s name on the app then select live.

Revo America Application Installation

User Experience and Performance

Revo America Security Camera System on a table

REVO’s 5th generation 960H professional DVR continues to deliver commercial grade type features at affordable price. This system has a great performance despite it is a fifth generation product. It clearly tells us that REVO America and their 40 years’ experience are up to their game.

All the verified users of this product gave positive reviews expressing their appreciations to REVO America, for such reliable and commercial grade surveillance system, which surprisingly comes with a 21.5 inch HD monitor without additional cost.

REVO America is a popular brand in the United States. They have a fast and responsive live support that are always ready to work you through any challenging situation, in setting up REVO America product.

What’s in the box?

Revo America what's in the box

REVO home surveillance kit comes with the right accessories needed to make the work done. They include the following.

  • 1 unit of REVO 16CH 960H DVR preloaded with 2TB
  • 4 units of 700 TVL Outdoor Bullet Cameras
  • 4 units of 700 TVL Indoor Dome Cameras
  • 1 unit of 21.5 inch HD Monitor
  • 1 unit of USB Wired Mouse
  • 1 unit of HDMI Cable
  • 1 unit of DVR Remote Controller
  • 8 units of 60 feet RJ12 Cables
  • 2 units of 12V Power Adapters
  • 1 unit of REVO CD
  • 1 unit of User’s Manual
  • 8 units of Wall Anchors and Screws

The Advantages

  • A good home surveillance system with easiest setup.
  • The proprietary RJ12 cables made the whole installation experience a breeze.
  • The DVR is preloaded with 2 terabytes hard drive that can deliver a maximum of 20 days continuous recording with the highest resolution of 960H.
  • REVO America live support is second to none, very responsive, polite, and proactive at solving problems.
  • REVO mobile app is very intuitive without hassle of registering an account to begin setup.
  • The DVR supports 16 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs in which only few brands on the market has been able to accomplish.
  • The built-in Gigabit Ethernet card in REVO DVR5 makes it unique amongst all the fifth generation products. The Gigabit Ethernet card delivers fast upload speed of video data to the smartphone or any viewing device during remote view operation.

The Disadvantages

  • All the 16 channels are not RJ12, only 12 ports are RJ12 whilst 4 ports are standard BNC.
  • The DVR does not support wireless camera.
  • Cloud service is not supported by REVO America.
  • REVO DVR does not support USB 3.0 or eSATA technology.

Revo America Review on Fakespot

Revo America fakespot review

Fakespot review shows that REVO America 16CH DVR 8 camera surveillance system has gained users’ trust. This is a good and positive development for a renowned company such as REVO, who has invested 40 years in the surveillance market.

About the Warranty

REVO has 90 day return policy, the best return policy we have seen so far. REVO wants users to get acquainted with their products, by giving them enough time before they decide. However, if you are not totally satisfied with the product, you can return it undamaged and with the original packaging.

To return the order, you must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from the customer support. Products without a RMA number will be rejected.

There is a limited warranty of 1 year on all their products bought from their accredited online stores, whilst products purchased directly from REVO website come with a 2 year warranty and lifetime technical support.

This limited warranty does not apply to any defect, failure or damage caused by improper use or improper maintenance and care from the user.

The Final Verdict

When planning to install a video surveillance system for home or business, it is important to choose an effective system that suits your needs.

The REVO 16CH DVR 8 camera bundle is ideal for prospective users who want to install their first video surveillance, as extra layer of security for their home or business.

The 960H resolution DVR and 700 TVL indoor and outdoor cameras are enough to provide crisp images with amazing night vision.