Samsung 16 Channel Security Camera System Review

At SCR, we have always talked about protecting what you love most using a good and reliable video surveillance solution, which will assure you the maximum security you deserve. We have featured lots of high grade equipment that you can use and today, we deem fit to introduce Samsung Wisenet 4MP 16CH complete 2018 review.

Samsung Wisenet 16-Channel 8-Camera 4MP Security System

Samsung is the world’ largest information technology company, consumer electronics maker and chipmaker measured by 2017 revenues. Being a giant and renowned manufacturer in consumer electronics with an extension to surveillance security products, has made Samsung to gain all-time and unique track record in the electronic market.

Samsung started as a small trading company based in Daegu, Korea in March 1, 1938 by Lee Byung-chull. He was able to also start a grocery store with 40 employees, but later grew and expanded to Seoul in 1947 to continue as conglomerate.

Hanwha Group acquired Samsung Techwin in June 29, 2015. Samsung Techwin which was a subsidiary of Samsung was known as a surveillance and optoelectronics company but was rebranded to Hanwha Techwin.

Samsung Wisenet is a partnership pulled together by Samsung and Hanwha Techwin for business as usual. The basic logic behind this initiative is that, whilst Hanwha Techwin originally manufactures the Wisenet, Samsung uses its name to promote the Wisenet products in the market. What a brilliant Idea!

Sit back and don’t move a muscle, as we uncover lots of benefit Samsung Wisenet 16-Channel 8-Camera 4MP Security System can bring to protecting your business and property.

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Review of: Samsung Wisenet 16-Channel System

Last update: 11.19.2018


A complete video surveillance kits with sleek design and a new industry standard H.265 codec which gives room for high compression efficiency.


A bit pricey but it is definitely worth it.


A do-it-yourself system, it is very easy to set up.


Live chat support available on Samsung official website base on region, and also through email.

We Like

Multiple display interface options


IP66 weatherproof casing


94⁰ wide angle lens


3 USB ports


Good image resolution


2k cameras


eSATA port


Supports 1 audio input and 1 audio output


Support alarm in and out

We Don’t Like

Camera does not support audio


Only comes with 8 CCTV cameras


Camera does not support Wi-Fi


NVR does not support older models of Samsung IP cameras

Summary: Samsung Wisenet 4MP 16CH security camera system is more than just an entry level surveillance equipment. This system is suitable for home and business video surveillance solution due to its unique features. It is a bit pricy but it is surely worth it and the installation is easy to get along with.

Main Features of Samsung Wisenet 4MP 16CH Security Camera System

If it’s the first time you’re considering buying a security camera system and you have no real idea which feature to prioritze, you can check our Buyer Guide and our guide about which features are important.
  • 1520 Super HD Resolution with focal length of 3.6mm
  • 94⁰ viewing angle
  • Pre-installed 3TB surveillance grade hard drive
  • Support 12TB of Hard drive with additional storage expansion option
  • 130ft in ambient lighting and 82ft in complete darkness
  • Motion zone and event detection
  • Remote viewing
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

Features Samsung Wisenet 8 Cameras and DVR

Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081 delivers 1520p super HD resolution. This resolution performs better than the regular 1080p FHD, it is 30% greater than 1080p. 1520p super HD resolution offers clear video that allows for facial recognition better than the 1080p, with a standard 3.6mm lens that provides 94 degree angle of view.

One of the important features of a video surveillance system is the storage, Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081 is preloaded with an amazing 3 terabytes surveillance grade hard drive which gives the assurance of many hours of video footage.

There is also provision for storage expansion. The Samsung Wisenet 16CH NVR has 2 bay for internal hard disk which can hold 6 terabytes each. The eSATA port at the back of the NVR gives you an option of attaching a an external storage box for larger storage bank.

Samsung Wisenet NVR also features three USB ports, two at the rear consisting of a 2.0 and 3.0 whilst the front USB is 2.0. We are very happy that Hanwha Techwin included the new 3.0 technology into the NVR system. The new USB 3.0 speed is ten times faster than the USB 2.0 when exporting raw CCTV videos. The USB 3.0 pen drive is backward compatible with USB 2.0.

Nothing is more appealing than the True Day and Night technology aboard the Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081, which allows the camera to keep colours accurate at night with image up to 130ft in a low ambient light. In complete darkness, it produces black and white image up to 82ft.

IP66 weatherproof rating allows the Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081 IP cameras to work as a full-fledged camera to withstand fogs, moistures, rain, dust, sun and any harsh weather. The cameras can be used as indoor or outdoor.

Remote viewing allows you to have access to your home and business on the go, keep in touch with what you love most using your smartphone to view what is happening live on your property. The Samsung Wisenet security system uses a mobile app that is compatible with any mobile platform.

With alarm in and out, Samsung NVR can be used to accept third-party alarm devices like Passive Infrared Device, Magnetic Door Contact, and Infrared Beam to trigger event recording. This is often used as extra layer of security in grocery stores and so on.

Motion zone and event detection let you select your desired areas to detect motion, and avoid false alarms that may trigger the system, like trees and moving cars. You only get alerts when there is motion, tampering or video loss detected.

You also get few seconds of pre and post-recording, which let you capture the important moments before the actual event starts.

You don’t understand what’s the purpose of each component? We made a great infographic that details everything for you.

Design of the Product and its Installations

Samsung Wisenet DVR connection details

Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081 is built with latest technology. It is suitable for both home and business. This system adopts the latest H.265 codec that makes it worth the price. The H.265 compression algorithm reduces file size with original video quality retained. It means that it can save up to 60% hard drive space unlike H.264 codec that uses more bitrate.

Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081 is a 100% do-it-yourself set up. The installation is relatively easy to get along with. All you need to do is connect all the IP cameras to the NVR, and allow the NVR to do its job via the plug and play technology.

Samsung Wisenet DVR connection details

If this is your first video surveillance installation, it is advisable to carefully study the quick start guide. The first thing to do is the unboxing, get your cameras ready for placement. Find the best location for each camera and run your 60ft cable.

To get a good angle for potential identification, the installation height of your camera should not be more than 8 feet high.

Connect one end of the Cat.5 network cable to the camera using the accompanied waterproof accessories and connect the other end to one port at the rear of Samsung Wisenet NVR. Repeat the step for each cameras.

Connect your display monitor to the NVR, by using one out of the two display options. We recommend you to use the HDMI option simply because it delivers better image quality than the VGA.

Connect one end of the short RJ45 cable to the network or internet port of Wisenet NVR, and the other end to your router or internet modem.

Now it is time to start Samsung Wisenet NVR. Connect the power cable to the wall outlet and turn on the power switch at the rear. Your Samsung Wisenet should be able to boot up this time.

After the Samsung Wisenet NVR start up is completed, the Startup wizard will be displayed. If you do not want to make any additional changes to your settings when it reboots, check “To disable Startup Wizard after reboot” at the bottom left of the popup.

Setting the admin password requires you to create a user name and password. Your password must be 8-13 characters long consisting of letter, number and special character. After restart, use the user name and password you just created to log in.

Navigate to the network setup and select Static but before that, make sure that DHCP is selected to enable the NVR to obtain the initial IP address. You need to equally enable UPNP, and select next to go to another page.

Under IPC page, click the “Auto Assign IP to Camera(s)” button to automatically assign IP address and to override the IP camera static address.

Save the configuration and restart the NVR, repeat the network setup and select Static this time, select next to save the new configuration. Now whenever the router is restarted, the NVR retains its local IP address.

To setup the remote viewing on your smartphone, you need to search and install WiseView mobile app from your respective app store.

Simply follow the following steps below to access Samsung Wisenet live on your smartphone.

WiseView app configuration for samsung wisenet

After installation, open WiseView and select ‘Device’. Then click ‘+‘ to add new device. Scan the QR code sticker attached to the upper casing of the NVR, or on the information page of systems on the local NVR. Then input username and password, and click save to log in the device

WiseView app configuration for samsung wisenet 2nd step

To get the QR code from information page of Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081, simply navigate to the “main menu”, then click on “system” and select “info” button to review the QR code.

User Experience and Performance

Samsung Wisenet White Camera

Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081 graphic user interface is very fascinating and was never difficult to understand. The mobile app is very intuitive. We like to give kudos to Hanwha Techwin for spending time to design SNK-D5081 as a good and rugged NVR system. We fell in love with the system right from the motherboard, as there was enough room for heat dissipation.

Although many users complained they would not recommend SNK-D5081, we found out they were disturbed by the loud cooling fans inside the NVR. It is absolutely normal for a 2k surveillance NVR to have such cooling system to help protect the processor and other sensitive components.

Many users were happy to have bought SNK-D5081 because of the crisp image, high resolution, and host of other features it provides. They also said the setup only took them about 30 minutes, whilst installation of the cameras was where they spent more time because they had to hide the cable from prying eyes.

What’s in the box?

Samsung Wisenet What's in the box
  • Samsung SNR-D5401 16 Channel 4MP Super HD NVR with 3TB HDD
  • 8 units of SNC-4241BE Outdoor Camera
  • A quick start guide
  • SNK-D5081 CD
  • 1 generic mouse
  • 8 units of 60ft Cat.5 cable
  • AAA size battery for the NVR remote controller
  • Power cable
  • RJ45 Patch cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Remote Controller
  • Hard drive mounting screws
  • Waterproof Accessories for the RJ45 cables
  • Screws, Anchors and Hex key

The Advantages

  • Samsung Wisenet SNK-D5081 has the best image resolution over the all-time 1080p.
  • The installation and setup was very easy without requesting assistance from Samsung support.
  • The system supports 1 audio in and audio out.
  • It comes with an amazing 3 terabytes hard drive with video storage expansion option through the eSATA port.
  • There are enough cooling fans to dissipate heat in the NVR.
  • The Samsung Wisenet NVR comes with PoE function, no need of buying additional PoE switch.
  • The infrared LED’s provide good illumination without image wash-off in a complete darkness.
  • It supports alarm input for third party devices integration.
  • SNK-D5081 performs better during the day and night with ability to deliver stunning images with lot of details.

The Disadvantages

  • The surveillance security kits is a bit too pricy.
  • The cameras do not support audio and Wi-Fi.
  • There is no cloud storage option for SNK-D5081.
  • The NVR is not compatible with the older model cameras.

About the Warranty

Samsung Wisenet 4MP 16CH is fully back by a 1year product warranty from the original purchase date.

The warranty is valid only when the warranty card is properly completed and upon presentation of the proof of purchase consisting of original invoice or sales slip indicating the date of purchase, dealer’s name, model and serial no. of the product. SAMSUNG reserves the right to refuse warranty if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the product from the dealer.

The Final Verdict

Samsung Wisenet 4MP 16CH security system is a must for individuals or corporate entities who are looking to install a complete and rugged video surveillance solution on their private properties or for business.

We are so thrilled with the 4MP – 2k camera resolution, alongside the true day and night function which made this security system to be recommended.