Your guide to security camera lens sizes

The size or length of your security camera length has a direct impact on your Field Of View (FOV). Lens size is very important when purchasing a security camera to ensure you capture all the footage you need and there are no blind spots. 

2.8 MM Lens

A 2.88mm lens will provide you with a 90-degree angle. This lens size is popular for indoor use because it can cover a wide range at a short distance. 

4 MM Lens

A 4mm lens will provide you with a 60-degree angle. Although this lens size provides a more limited angle than that of the 2.88mm it is still popular indoors in a multi-camera system and can even provide more clarity at a further distance.

6 MM Lens

A 6mm lens will provide you with a 40-degree angle. This narrow view makes it uncommon and impractical for indoor use. Using a 6mm lens outdoors, for example, in a car park proves to be a far more beneficial option because of the high level of detail and clarity you get even at a distance.