The best Samsung Security Cameras

Whenever we see the need to protect our homes or place of business, installing a security camera always strikes our mind. This is not because it is readily available, but because it remains a smart choice to ensure your security.

As video surveillance market rapidly becoming competitive by the day and flooded with so many brands, there is a need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This will get us on a journey of identifying and analyzing the Top 5 Samsung Security Cameras. You’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about those security camera systems and compare them to each other in this review.

If you are planning to install your first security camera or just upgrading the existing system, this article will provide you an insight into what to look for in a security camera before your final order.


What makes a good security camera?

  • Infrared Cut Removable (ICR)

What stands between the original brand and other generic types of surveillance cameras is the quality of ICR used. A popular brand like Samsung makes sure they use a good mechanical infrared cut removable (ICR) filter, which provides substantial light filtering during day time.

The quality of the ICR used in security cameras oftentimes determines the image production of a security camera.

In order to know if your security camera comes with a mechanical ICR which has a better performance over an electronic ICR, you need to do the following:

  • Connect a power adapter to the intended security camera.
  • Use your finger to block the light sensor on the camera, this will immediately activate the night mode on the security camera and the infrared LEDs will lit.
  • Whilst you are still blocking the light sensor, hold the camera close to your ear and release your finger.
  • You should hear a click sound.

Note: this trick is only applicable to cameras with visible infrared LEDs, such bullet as and dome cameras.


  • Ingress Protection (IP Rating)

Sometimes, the ingress protection rating will determine if a security camera is suitable to be used in certain weather conditions. For example, a security camera with IP65 will perform better during summer, but won’t in winter. This is because it has a less protection level against liquid.



  • Infrared Distance

Infrared distance is an important feature to consider in every security camera. All infrared (IR) security cameras have different infrared distance in a pitch black condition.

For instance, an outdoor camera designed with 60ft infrared distance can’t be used to capture an object from a 100ft distance. That will be out of range.

It is important to choose a security camera which meets your requirement before the final installation.


  • Resolution

We all want a better resolution in our security cameras, but the truth is, the resolution is directly proportional to the amount we spend on these cameras.

A resolution can be better described as the detail an image can hold. A low-resolution security camera would result in a poor quality image.

The more you are able to invest in good quality cameras, the better resolution you will get.


  • Field of View (FoV)

Field of view is the total height and width of the image you can see through the camera lens, and can also be referred to as the angular field of view.

You need to focus your attention on the viewing angle, which is usually written in degrees under the camera specification.

Field of view of a camera schema explained
  • Focal Length

The focal length is relative to the field of view. It is the distance between the camera lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus. It is always measured in millimeter.

A security camera can either have a fixed or varifocal lens. A fixed lens has only one focal length value, while a varifocal lens is an adjustable lens which can give multi-focal length. The varifocal lens usually has a minimum and maximum value.

The shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view. The longer the focal length, the narrower the field of view, and the better the image detail.

A shorter focal length camera has a limitation in zoom ratio, you can’t get a better image result especially if you are trying to capture an image outside the camera focus range.


About Samsung

Samsung has been around since 1938 with great history and tracks records. A giant South Korea-based company which produces one-fifth of the country’s total exports has acquired 35 organizations so far.

It has multiple product lines including tech and consumer electronics. Samsung is indisputably one of the major players of surveillance equipment on the market.

The company was founded by Lee Byung-chul in March 1, 1938, and it’s currently having 301 executive team members including the founder.

Samsung has $221.5B in estimated revenue annually.

There was a transition in 2014 between Samsung Techwin and Hanwha Group, the acquisition was finally completed in 2015. Samsung Techwin was relaunched as Hanwha Group’ subsidiary.

Hanwha Group was founded by Chong-Hee Kim in 1952 in South Korea.

Hanwha rebranded Samsung Techwin as Wisenet Samsung to allow customers to still recognize the brand on the market.

Subsequently, Hanwha has promised to continue providing technical support for all Samsung security surveillance products.

Top 5 Samsung Security Cameras

In today’s article, we will throw some light on the top 5 Samsung cameras that you can work with. We hope our complete analysis will help you get acquitted with Samsung cameras, and also let you make a smart decision in your selection.

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Top 1 – Samsung Wisenet SDC-89440BB – 4MP Super HD Outdoor Camera

Samsung Wisenet SDC-89440BB

If you care for having a high-resolution security system, SDC-89440B is the right way to go. This camera category comes with a very powerful 4MP image sensor, which delivers amazing picture quality.

However, one of the requirements of using this camera is to ensure your intended DVR is AHD and 4MP compatible. If your DVR is less than 4MP, the camera will not work.

The camera can stand temperature as freezing as -10°C to as hot as 50°C without damaging the operation. It is a true-weatherproof security device which can be relied upon.

One good thing about this Samsung camera is its ability to provide super HD resolution, which is nearly twice what a 1080p camera can offer.

SDC-89440B is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. It is also good for production factory, classrooms, offices, and even your home. The camera is a perfect fit for where a good detail is needed, and where identification is very paramount.

Unlike Samsung Wisenet SDC-9443BC which uses regular 5mm infrared LEDs, SDC-89440B uses SMD (Surface Mount Device) infrared LEDs which are known to be very efficient.

It was reported that the conventional infrared LEDs sometimes reflect and bounce their light to the camera lens, therefore causing a blurry image.

Overall, there are a couple of compatible DVRs that you can use with this camera, they include SDH-C85100, SDH-B84044, SDH-B84083DB1T, SDH-B84040, SDH-C84080, SDR-C85300, and SDR-B84300. Any DVR outside the listed ones may not work.

Main Features of Samsung Wisenet SDC-89440BB 4MP Super HD Outdoor Camera

  • 1440p Super HD
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
  • 105° Enhanced Viewing Angle
  • 6mm Focal Length
  • 3DNR Technology
  • SSDR Technology
  • True Day and Night
  • Up to 82 feet Night Vision

Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

If you want true security, Samsung Wisenet camera is definitely worth trying. The camera has got a unique feature that a 1080p camera does not.

Nothing is more compelling than the 1440p super HD resolution that can offer clearer images and high-quality video recordings. The camera lets you detect, recognize and identify the subject of interest easily.

The sturdy camera enclosure uses IP66 rating which symbolizes that the camera is heavily protected from any damage, which may be caused by splashing liquid and impact from falling objects.

The camera is not affected by continuous rainfall, hailstorm, dust or any form of humidity.

With 105° viewing angle, you will have every important corners show-up on your TV screen, you won’t have to miss any important angle.

It is amazing to know that there is a built-in LDC technology on this camera. LDC is simply Lens Distortion Correction, LDC is a means of minimizing image distortion in security cameras.

Sometimes, lens distortion may appear in videos thereby causing straight lines close to the edge curve outwards. With this technology built into the security camera, imperfections in images can be easily repaired.

The 3.6mm focal length is enough to provide a wider image within a short distance. This is why the camera is suitable for covering large areas because it is able to offer a wider view horizontally.

3DNR technology will eliminate fuzzy image during low light, and you will be able to enjoy night vision footage at its best.

SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range) is an advanced feature built into the camera, to automatically balance out dark parts of an image to show detail that would otherwise be hidden in the shadows.

Wisenet SDC-89440BB does not rely on external lighting to capture an image, the camera is ready to record image up to 130-feet in ambient lighting and 82-feet in complete darkness. There are built-in infrared LEDs that provide the required spectrum of light for the camera.

Wisenet SDC-89440BB comes with 1-year limited warranty commencing from the date of purchase, free technical support is also provided by Wisenet tech center.


  • The camera image resolution is unbeatable.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It is suitable for home and business.
  • It is plug and play.
  • It is compatible with more DVRs.
  • It has the capability to also filter the image noise in low light condition.
  • Technical support is only reachable on phone and via email.
  • The camera has a sturdy housing.
  • The camera still sees up to 130 feet in ambient light and 82 feet in total darkness.


  • The camera is not standalone, it requires a DVR.
  • It does not have a built-in microphone device.
  • It does not work with less than 4MP DVR.
  • Power supply not included.


    What’s in the box?

    • 1 unit of Samsung Wisenet SDC-89440BB 4MP Super HD Outdoor Camera.
    • 1 unit of 60-feet BNC Coaxial Cable.

    Top 2 – Samsung SDC-9441BC 1080P HD Outdoor Camera (4 Pack)

    Samsung SDC-9441BC

    Whenever you see the need to install an outdoor security camera, Samsung SDC-9441BC is one of the ideal bullet cameras on the market you can rely on.

    The discrete look of SDC-9441BC makes it acceptable for any environment. This camera can be used for indoor applications as well.

    However, you need to ensure that you have any of these supported DVRs (SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, SDH-C74040) before you can go with SDC-9441BC, else you will be stuck with a blank screen simply because the camera won’t work with unsupported DVR.

    This camera does not have any firmware to update, it is basically a plug-and-play surveillance system. Therefore, you only need to install the included 2-in-1 coaxial cable to supply power to the camera unit, before it is able to send a video feed to the DVR.

    The camera can work from as low as -10°C to 50°C temperature. This is why the camera can adapt to any weather condition.

    Main Features of Samsung SDC-9441BC 1080P Full HD Outdoor Camera (4 Pack)

    • 1080p Full HD
    • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
    • 100° Enhanced Viewing Angle
    • 4mm Focal Length
    • 3DNR Technology
    • True Day and Night

    Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

    Many of the security cameras on the market claim to be 1080p but in actual sense, they are only 720p or less. This Samsung outdoor camera is a true 1080p full HD, which delivers a crisp image both day and night.

    The camera lets you zoom the image by 4 times and still retain the image quality and detail, unlike other cameras that turn out blurry or image pixelated.

    Just as we earlier discussed, the ingress protection is what makes a good camera. A rating of IP66 makes it suitable to be used in any type of outdoor projects.

    The camera is built with rouged enclosure which is able to withstand the extreme weather events, without hurting the camera’s electronic components from capturing an image.

    The higher the camera’s focal length, the narrower the field of view. With a 4mm lens, you will be able to capture a good image from a distance. Unlike the 3.6mm lens which can’t capture an identifiable image from a distance, this camera is good for securing the perimeter of your house or business environment.

    With an enhanced viewing angle, you will have more coverage areas compared to the traditional cameras that usually have from 70° to 80°. The amazing viewing angle of 100° will give you a good image detail on your display monitor.

    There is a built-in 3DNR technology in SDC-9441BC. This technology eliminates image noise from security cameras during low light conditions.

    3DNR offers clear and bright images at night without leaving you grainy security footage.

    True day and night is a great feature to have on a security camera, it allows the camera to provide a precise and dazzling color image during the day, while at night, it provides one of the best infrared footage.

    A true day and night camera is nothing compared to a conventional Infrared camera.

    Whether your garden is lit during the night or not, the built-in infrared light will help you to monitor your property. This camera has up to 82-feet of night vision that can help to record night activities.

    The night vision will also help you to keep an eye on wild animals that always invade your garden to harm your livestock.

    SDC-9441BC comes with 1-year limited warranty beginning from the date of purchase, and free technical support provided by Hanwha Security.


    • The camera has a colorful image during the day, and also looks pretty good at night.
    • It is plug-and-play.
    • The price for 4 pack is not a deal breaker.
    • It has the capability to filter the grainy or image noise in pitch black condition.
    • The 4x zoom capability is awesome.
    • Technical support is reachable on phone and via email.
    • The camera has a sturdy enclosures.


    • The camera is not standalone, it requires a DVR.
    • It does not have a built-in microphone device.
    • Only compatible with few DVRs (SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, and SDH-C74040).
    • Power supply not included.

    What’s in the box?

    • 4 units of Samsung SDC-9441BC 1080P Full HD Outdoor Cameras
    • 4 units of 60-feet BNC Coaxial Cable

    Top 3 – Samsung Wisenet SDC-9443DF 1080p Full HD Dome Camera

    Samsung Wisenet SDC-9443DF

    On our top 3 is Wisenet SDC-9443DF, if you are planning to equip your living room, then you might want to try it. This camera is one of the popular Samsung dome cameras on the market.

    SDC-9443DF can work with a temperature of -10°C to 50°C and won’t stop working no matter how extreme the weather may be. But we will recommend you don’t use it for outdoor application.

    The 1080p full HD provides you real-time recording with a very crisp image in the day, and clear footage during the night as well. There is no need to strain your eyes to recognize and identify the subject of interest on your display monitor.

    The image sensor utilizes an advanced infrared cut filter which automatically regulates the light spectrum during the day and the night time.

    9443DF camera is compatible with the following DVRs, SDH-B74041, SDH-B74081, SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, SDH-C74040, SDH-C73040, SDH-C75083, SDH-C74043, SDH-B73043, SDH-C74083HFN, and SDH-C75083HFN.

    Any DVR that is not in the compatible list may not work.

    Main Features of Samsung Wisenet SDC-9443DF 1080p Full HD Dome Camera

    • 1080p Full HD
    • IP66 Weatherproof Rating
    • 6° Field of View
    • 6mm Focal Length
    • 2D and 3D DNR Technology
    • Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR)
    • True Day and Night

    Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

    The 1080p full HD resolution makes SDC-944DF dome camera a center of attraction on the market, even though it is a bit pricey.

    This camera is meant for anyone who loves to read detail on the display monitor, without having to battle with pixelated image after zooming.

    The camera is built with a rouged housing and it is protected with an IP66 rating, the camera will survive a heavy impact if an object is being thrown at it. Also, it can withstand splashing liquid but we strongly do not recommend it for outdoor use.

    Field of view of 104.6° is sufficient enough to watch all the important areas on your display monitor. With the value of this field of view, nothing can pass the camera lens without capturing it.

    2D and 3D DNR technology have been around for some time, but we are happy to see it built into Wisenet security cameras. This technology helps filter image noise that could be caused as a result of night vision mode.

    Digital WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) should not be confused with a True WDR, D-WDR is an enhanced version of the T-WDR. But it is better having D-WDR than nothing at all. D-WDR is a piece of software that helps to balance the background and the foreground light accordingly.

    Security cameras with a true day and night feature are considered to be very pricy, the feature is also found on SDC-9443DF. The feature allows you to watch a dazzling color image during the day, while the night picture is equally impressive.

    SDC-9443DF comes with 1-year limited warranty beginning from the date of order, and free technical support provided by Hanwha Security.


    • It is plug and play.
    • The picture quality is on point.
    • The camera has got amazing features that are accessible via DVR.
    • It is compatible with more DVRs.
    • It has a technology to compensate light in a disturbing light condition.
    • Technical support is reachable via phone and email.
    • The camera has a strong housing.



      • The camera is not standalone, it requires a DVR.
      • The camera is a bit costly.
      • It does not have a built-in microphone device.
      • Power supply not included.

      What’s in the box?

      • 1 unit of Samsung Wisenet SDC-9443DF 1080P Full HD Indoor Dome Camera
      • 1 unit of 60-feet BNC Coaxial Cable

      Top 4 – Samsung Wisenet SNH-C6417BN SmartCam HD Plus

      Samsung Wisenet SNH-C6417BN WHITE

      SNH-C6417BN SmartCam made it to our list. If you want a complete home monitoring system to watch your kids when they get back from school, or your silly pets that jump on your couch when you are not around, you may consider trying out this camera.

      Wisenet SmartCam is a standalone security camera that only needs a Wi-Fi network to communicate with your smartphone. You can record directly to an SD card without being forced to subscribe to a cloud paid plan. It is compatible with Samsung SmartThings.

      The camera looks very solid with its base made of solid metal which is adjustable. Asides using this as a security camera, you can also use it as a baby monitor.

      We have had many users complained about Wi-Fi cameras disconnected from the wireless network for no reason. One thing you must understand is whenever you want to install a Wi-Fi camera, you need a good gigabit wireless router or access point with a very good speed.

      For instance, your smart TV, smartphone, laptop, and tablet may be running on the Wi-Fi at this same time, this will definitely slow down the router bandwidth and will eventually cause a timeout between the camera and the access point.

      Getting yourself a good download (50 Mbps) and upload (30 Mbps) speed will prevent your camera from getting disconnected randomly.

      Samsung SmartCam HD plus is definitely worth the price.

      Main Features of Samsung Wisenet SNH-C6417BN SmartCam HD Plus

      • 1080p Full HD
      • 130° Ultra-Wide View Angle
      • Focal Length of 2.8mm
      • 2-Way Audio
      • Wide Dynamic Range
      • High Capacity Storage of Up to 128GB
      • Improved Night Vision of 33 feet
      • Lens Distortion Correction
      • True Day and Night Filter

      Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

      With 1080p full HD, you can get a crisp image and clean video footage out of the SmartCam. If someone breaks into your home, identifying and catching them will be very easier for the police.

      The viewing angle of 130° alongside the focal length of 2.8mm, will enable you to view every corner of your home in a wider form, without cutting out any important area. You will capture anything that crosses the camera lens.

      Lens distortion correction technology is a software which helps to repair the imperfections in images.

      There are many things you can do with the built-in 2-way audio, you can talk to your kids, or simply talk to your pet to stop making a mess in the house.

      When you receive a motion alert on your smartphone, you can use 2-way audio to tell an uninvited guest to leave your house, or you will call the cops.

      The wide dynamic range on the SmartCam HD plus balances the imbalance light contrast during the day, in order to produce a perfect color image.

      2D/3D DNR option is available on the app, this feature allows the camera to filter the grains that may appear on the image in low light situation.

      Having a storage option such as micro SD is a big advantage for the HD plus series, you don’t have to empty your wallet to subscribe to the cloud plan. You can record directly to the micro SD (maximum of 128GB) and review them anytime.

      Audio and motion detection is another way to extend your security, audio detection senses sound while motion detects movement. When notifications are turned on via the app, you will be able to receive push notifications and emails.

      To save a considerable amount of memory card storage, you can configure your camera to record when audio and motion are triggered. You need to set your camera to cut out the floor so that your pet does not set off the motion.

      The improved night vision lets you see an object up to 33-feet which is about 10-meters. But with the help of the true day and night feature, you will get the best night vision image.

      In case you decided you don’t want to place the camera on the table or bookshelf, you can mount it to the wall or ceiling. There is a flip option on the app which will allow you to rotate the camera display to your favorite angle.

      SmartCam HD plus has a zoom ratio of 4x on the mobile app and 10x on the web. Unfortunately, the only supported web browser is internet explorer.

      SNH-C6417BN has a unique feature which allows you to play police, alarm, and a dog barking sirens from a remote location to scare off an uninvited guest.


      • The video quality is excellent.
      • The night vision is equally better.
      • The camera build quality is good.
      • Audio and motion detection works very well.
      • Free live stream and playback via Wisenet website and mobile app
      • The app is intuitive.
      • It integrates easily with SmartThings.
      • Technical support is reachable via phone and email.
      • You can easily set motion zones.
      • It has the ability to record to micro SD card.


        • The manual lacks advance configuration instruction for the SmartThings.
        • Supported only one Wi-Fi band – 2.4GHz.
        • Does not come with Ethernet port.
        • SD card is not included.
        • Tilting the camera is very difficult when mounted horizontally.
        • The web browser is limited to internet explorer.
        • Cloud storage is not free.

        What’s in the box?

        • 1 unit of Samsung Wisenet SNH-C6417BN SmartCam HD Plus
        • 1 unit of Power Adapter
        • 2 set of Screw and Anchor
        • Quick Start Guide
        • Warranty Card

        Top 5 – Samsung SNH-V6410PN Pan/Tilt 1080P Wi-Fi Camera

        Samsung SNH-V6410PN BLACK

        The last on our list is the SNH-V6410PN, which is a mechanical pan/tilt and digital zoom camera. This is an ideal camera to patrol your home. With this security camera, you will able to monitor an area of 350° horizontally and 155° vertically.

        This camera is also standalone which means it can record directly to a micro SD card and to your mobile phone.

        Cloud storage is not supported on this model, which is not a deal breaker for.

        This camera can only be used as indoor equipment. You do not need to deal with a messy cable to get it up and running. All you need to do is connect the power adapter to it, and set it up on your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

        You can also place the camera in your personal office to track the movement of employees who comes into your office when you are not there.

        We recommend you to not turn on motion tracking where there is traffic, this will definitely wear off the pan and tilt gears.

        Main Features of Samsung SNH-V6410PN Pan/Tilt 1080P Wi-Fi Camera

        • Wide Dynamic Range
        • Pan 350°, Tilt 155°
        • Motion Zone Select
        • Privacy Mode
        • Focal Length of 2.8mm
        • Viewing Angle of 96.1°
        • Night Vision to 16-feet
        • Event Notification
        • 1080p Full HD
        • 2-Way Audio
        • Up to 128GB Micro SDXC card

        Breakdown of the features / Overview of the product

        Auto tracking will kick in immediately the camera senses a moving object before returning to its preset point. The camera can revolve 350° horizontal and 155° vertical axis.

        Wide dynamic range lets you compensate for the dark area of the image which has been affected by the strong backlight. It simply balances the light level.

        With privacy mode, you can turn off the camera at a scheduled time automatically but this is not an advisable thing to do.

        The camera only has a fixed lens of 2.8mm, and motorized zoom is not supported. Digital zoom of 4x can be used in place of the missing motorized zoom.

        Motion zone select lets you choose your three favorite zones where you want to receive notification alerts. This is a smart choice especially if you don’t want to receive unnecessary or false positive alerts.

        Whether there is enough lighting or a total blackout, the built-in 840nm infrared LEDs will stand as a backup light source for the camera. It will lit up and provide the needed illumination.

        When event notifications are enabled via the app, the camera will send you push notifications and email alerts when events are triggered.

        The camera uses a 2MP image sensor which is rated as full HD resolution. You will able to enjoy a good image resolution on your smartphone or tablet.

        2-way audio allows you to speak back and forth to the camera, this is another cool way you can talk to your loved ones especially your kids. Let them know they are being watched.

        Recording to a micro SD card is another welcoming feature on the SNH-V6410PN. You can record to a maximum of 128GB SDXC card. Recording in full HD continuous mode will give you 7 days of storage. It is better to record via audio and motion triggers.

        You can view the live stream of your camera from a remote location by using your smartphone app, and Wisenet website which is only accessible via internet explorer.


        • The camera is a good buy.
        • It has an auto-tracking feature.
        • The camera has a good build quality.
        • It has three motion zones.
        • It is able to record to both micro SD card and mobile phone.
        • Technical support is reachable via phone and email.
        • Available in white and black.
        • Remote Access is possible.
        • It has the ability to schedule a private time to shut down the camera.


        • The camera is not supported in SmartThings
        • Cloud storage is not supported
        • Remote Access is not supported on chrome or other browsers except internet explorer
        • Supported only one Wi-Fi band – 2.4GHz
        • No SD card included
        • Does not come with Ethernet port

        What’s in the box?

        • 1 unit of Samsung SNH-V6410PN Pan/Tilt 1080P Wi-Fi Camera
        • 1 unit of Power Adapter
        • Wall Bracket
        • 2 set of Screw and Anchor
        • Quick Start Guide
        • Warranty Card

        Questions users had with Samsung Surveillance Cameras:

        • How to install Samsung security cameras?

        There are different types of Samsung security cameras that include: Analog Cameras, Wired IP Cameras, Wireless IP Cameras, and Smart Wi-Fi Cameras.

        • Analog cameras are connected with coaxial cable to a DVR.
        • Wired IP cameras can be PoE or non-PoE, they are connected with LAN cable to the PoE switch and/or to the NVR as the case may be.
        • Wireless IP cameras are connected to the wireless router or access point, they can then be accessed online or simply connect an NVR to the same router to start streaming.
        • Smart Wi-Fi cameras are connected via their respective apps. You need to pair them to the app first via a Wi-Fi network, then you can install them.


        • How to mount Samsung security cameras to soffit?

        Connecting Samsung security cameras to soffit will require you to pry open the soffit in your desired location. Open the soffit by the 2 sides without causing damage to it

        Find a 2 inches x 2 inches whitewood stud and measure your require length where the whitewood stud will be an interceptor

        Find 2 unit of 7 inches countersunk twin wood screw zinc plated and screw the wood at the two edges

        Lay your camera cable via the attic using a wire fishing tool

        Simply make a hole for your cable on the soffit to pass through

        Pass your cable through the hole and return the soffit to its original position without causing damage to the soffit

        Now connect the cable to your camera, screw the camera to the whitewood via the soffit

        Adjust your camera to the best position


        • How to setup multiple users on Samsung security cameras?

        This feature is not available yet, perhaps Samsung will include it in their future app and firmware update.

        • How do I view my Samsung security cameras smartphone?

        Connect your Samsung security camera system to an internet router.

        Download the Samsung app that corresponds to your security system from your smartphone app store.

        Install the app and configure it.

        After creating an account, add your security system via the app by either scanning the serial number of your security system or by entering it manually into the app.

        Your security cameras should pop up on your app if done correctly.

        • What app can I use for Samsung security cameras?

        There are varied Samsung security camera apps in the app store.

        Get to know your camera system series before matching it to the right app. It should either be indicated in the manual of your system or you can also contact directly the support to have more information about it.

        Final Advice

        We have been able to analyze the top 5 Samsung security cameras without holding back any information.

        Security camera selection should come with a scale of preference. We do talk about it occasionally that video surveillance solution is an investment, which must be carefully planned because any wrong step made could jeopardize the effort.

        Before your final order, make sure you have understood what makes a good security camera.

        Please leave us a comment or ask a question by using the comment box below. We promise to reply as soon as we can.

        If you find this article useful, help us share amongst your friends and loved one.