Every security camera is different and the distance your security camera can see varies greatly depending on the model. In fact, a security camera can see anywhere from 10-200 feet! The average security camera can see 40-70 feet.

Features that affect the security camera range

  1. Night vision: Security cameras that have night vision i.e can record in the dark generally have a much further recording range. Usually, a night vision security camera has a range of between 100 and 200 feet.
  2. Focal Length: Focal length is essentially the size of your lens. The smaller the lens the wider the field of view. The bigger the lens the wider the field of view and hence the further the distance your camera will be able to see.
  3. Location: Where your camera is installed will also play a part. For example, if your camera is located high up, at an angle or wherever it is indoors or outdoors. If your security camera is placed outdoors in an area where weather conditions are bad for example, it rains a lot your camera vision will be obscured.
  4. Resolution: Your resolution is essentially how many pixels your footage is. The more pixels the clearer the view enabling you to see a clearer picture from a distance than that of a lower-resolution camera.

How to tell what range your security cameras

If you have already purchased a security camera and want t know what distance capabilities it has it is often advertised on the box or in the manual. Just bear in mind that the advertised distance is the maximum distance your camera will see under perfect conditions. If you need a camera that can see further than 100 feet then you should get a security camera that is 150 just to be sure.