What will happen if someone unplugs your security camera depends on your security system.

  • Standard CCTV: Your everyday traditional CCTV camera, if you are unplugged, will no longer have footage. Meaning no more security footage!
  • Battery Powered: Some more modern CCTV cameras have a battery backup. If this device will remain running until it runs out of battery. That being said if your device is dependent on a local DVR system and there is no power to the DVR then no recording will take place even if your camera still has power. 

Other features that will prove useful when your camera is unplugged include:

  • SD Storage: If your security camera has a battery backup or is entirely battery-powered and has a local SD card this will help prevent you from losing footage.
  • Motion Detection: Security cameras that are capable of detecting motion usually notify you when someone enters your property. That means if someone enters your property and disconnects the power you will receive a notification that would alert a potential trespasser.